In-Cantus is a new project of great artistic depth that between 19 and 23 December will see Roberto Vecchioni He will perform five very special poetry and music shows: firstly, because they will be held in sacred places such as churches and cathedrals, and secondly because the 80-minute concert will consist of classical arias interspersed with Vecchioni's songs and poems from his own or other authors' books, all linked by the common denominator of love between men, their relationship with eternity and the feeling of the divine.
In-Cantus is the brainchild of the Maestro Beppe D'Onghia who, with the aim of uniting sacred and classical music, author's verse and traditional verse, classical melodies and contemporary poetry, addresses the search for a language that crosses and transcends the boundaries of different cultures and traditions. For this reason he has conceived a performance in which the passage from classical arias such as "Lascia ch'io pianga" by Haendel or "Vissi d'arte" by Puccini to popular and modern songs such as "Le rose blu" and "Euridice" by Vecchioni.
Following this idea, Roberto Vecchioni, with the support of the Nu-Ork String QuintetVecchioni will interpret both with the style of the extraordinary singer-songwriter and artist that everyone knows. Vecchioni's will be the singing and narrating voice of the concert, which in addition to the above-mentioned songs will include the "Stabat Matersacred hymn of Jacopone of Todia jazz version of the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells, Chajkowsky's Pathetique, Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 in C Minor. (which regained popularity in the late 1990s thanks to the film Shine by Scott Hicks), verses recited to music, songs by Roberto Vecchioni rearranged for piano and string quintet, including Daughter, Winter Violet, Blumun, Dream Boy, The Sky Turned Upside Down and others.
The first appointment with In-Cantus is Friday 19 December in the Marsi Cathedral in Avezzano (AQ), followed by Noci (BA) on Saturday 20, Foggia on Sunday 21, Naples on Monday 22 and finally Galatina (LE) on Tuesday 23 December..
Nu-Ork String Quintet:
Anton Berovski - 1st Violin; Nico Ciricugno - 2nd Violin; Giuseppe Donnici - Viola; Vincenzo Taroni - Cello; Daniele Roccato - Double Bass
Beppe D'Onghia, artistic project, conducting-piano-arrangements-elaboration and free orchestral interpretation