First Italian band to take the stage at the San Siro, first concert of the season at the Stadium and for the first time official attendance figures are made public.
Claudio Trotta's Barley Arts, organiser and producer of the concert that Negramaro held in Sansiro on 31 May, has in fact decided to publish the official SIAE data certifying the actual audience attendance at the concert.

They were 38,217 paying spectators e 2,920 free tickets detached, for a total of 41,137 attendances. An undeniable success, even slightly exceeding the 40,000 target initially hoped for by the promoter.

Going into more detail, here are some other details that might satisfy further curiosity: the numbered payers in the first red numbered ring (corresponding to the 40-euro ticket) were 5584 and the complimentary 910 (which, however, includes the repositioning of some seats with less than excellent visibility).
Of the total of 2920 complimentary tickets, a thousand were contractually allocated to the stadium owners, then to the football club consortium and the City of Milan; around 300 went to representatives of the police and other public institutions; 500 were used by sponsors and mediapartners, the remainder divided between guests of the organisation and the band and the press.
The maximum capacity of 53,226 people granted by the Commissione di Vigilanza for this concert is given by the calculation of the outflow allowed by the emergency exits, considering the total closure of the 17,000 seats of the third ring, but specifically the production of the Negramaro concert would have allowed a good visibility of about 45,000 people, since the stage was closed at the sides, and ticket sales would not have gone beyond that figure anyway.

A decidedly positive overall picture, an incontrovertible fact: the public of the Negramaro again responded en masse when the group, fresh from the success of 24 arena concerts in the summer of 2007 and 51 theatre concerts between October and January 2008, with more than 195,000 paying customers, decided to get back into the game. The dream, positively envisaged by Trotta, of bringing the Window Tour for a single date at the San Siro was thus able to come true, and Negramaro became the first Italian band to be able to afford to headline that stage, the only Italian rock band currently able to count on such a large audience.

Negramaro's positive momentum continues on the recording front: the album La Finestra, in the charts for 51 consecutive weeks (it was released on 8 June 2007) and never fell below the top 20, this week it is in ninth position in the best-selling albums chart in Italy.

See documents with official SIAE data: www.barleyarts.com/documenti/News.pdf