The collaboration between 10 Giorni Suonati and La Feltrinelli Libri continues in 2012, thanks to which every year at aperitif time the public can enjoy a number of meetings with prestigious authors, journalists, novelists, writers linked to the world of music or to the other themes of gastronomy and eco-sustainability that are so important in the philosophy of the festival.
For the 2012 edition, the first appointment is on 13 June with Danilo Lenzo, a writer and journalist with a passion for indie-rock, here to present his novel 'La Leggenda Dei CroceNera', while on 26 June the stage is for Federico Russo, an extrovert and multifaceted character, a former TV face for Sky and Deejay Tv, voice of Radio Deejay and now also an appreciated writer with his "Ci si Mette una Vita", a semi-autobiographical novel on the strength of friendship, unanimously acclaimed by the public and critics and winner of the 2012 edition of the "Kihlgren Opera Prima" award.
The three meetings to follow concern novels with different interpretations: Gianni Miraglia, one of the most original and non-conformist writers of recent years, will present 'Muori Milano Muori' on 10 July, an extraordinary apocalyptic but verisimilar portrait of Italy's economic capital, a metaphor for the country in the near and real future, the one leading up to Expo 2015. On 11 July, it is the turn of Alberto Paleari and 'Saranno Infami', a journey through the obsession of two teenagers willing to do anything to achieve fame on social networks and 'become more famous than Jesus'. On 12 July, a noir, "L'Odore dell'Asfalto" (The Smell of Asphalt) by Gianluca Veltri, for the author the first book dedicated to the vicissitudes of Inspector Crespo.
There will be a change of register for the following meetings: on 18 July the protagonist will be the pop cuisine of Davide Oldani, the star chef who at the Vigevano Castle will present an absolute preview of his new book to be published in September. The following evening, Thursday 19, in the company of Luca De Gennaro, dj, artist director of MTV, but above all a passionate music lover, we will be able to retrace many stories of rock music past and present, collected in his "Backwards". One more musical event on 22 July, with "Randy. The biography of Randy Rhoads", cult guitarist with Ozzy Osbourne and in Quiet Riot, written by music critic Joel McIver and here recounted by the translator of the Italian edition, Eleonora Ossola, assisted for the occasion by journalist Maurizio De Paola. Also on 23 July, a story on happiness enclosed in a bizarre form of interview-investigation by Valerio Millefoglie, who with "L'Attimo in cui Siamo Felici" has adopted this interesting therapy to recover from the inevitable moments of despondency.
The series of Meetings with the Author, realised with the valuable support of the Vigevanese Laura Stellin, finally closes on 24 July with another plunge into the kitchen, for Irene Vella's amusing "Sex & The Cake", 10 sparkling tales between sex and cake, as an ideal closure to the "10 Giorni Suonati".
The appointment with the authors is at about 7.30 p.m. on the 'Palco Officina', realised in cooperation with Officina 1000 Cose, a producer of furniture made of recycled material.

The complete programme of the MEETINGS WITH THE AUTHOR, 7.30 p.m: Castello Sforzesco in Vigevano
Merc 13 June Danilo Lenzo 'La Leggenda dei CroceNera' - Sensoinverso Edizioni
Mart 26 June Federico Russo 'Ci si Mette una Vita' - Einaudi
Tue 10 July Gianni Miraglia 'Muori Milano Muori' - published by Eliot
Merc 11 July Alberto Paleari 'Saranno infami' - Fandango Libri
Thu 12 July Gianluca Veltri "L'Odore dell'asfalto" - edito Nobeer
Merc 18 July Davide Oldani premieres new book on pop cuisine
Thu19 July Luca De Gennaro 'Backwards - The 'Rolling Stone' files and other rock stories' - Mobile Characters
Sun 22 July Eleonora Ossola + Maurizio De Paola "Randy. Life and death of Randy Rhoads
from Quiet Riot to Ozzy' by Joel Mc Iver
Mon 23 July Valerio Millefoglie "L'Attimo in cui siamo felici" - Einaudi
Tue 24 July Irene Vella "Sex and the cake" - Malvarosa