From 11 February, 'We Will Rock You', the 'rock opera' with all of Queen's hits, played and sung live, is on stage in Milan for the first time at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi. The return to the city that christened the Italian debut of the musical conceived by Queen on 4 December 2009 is particularly keenly felt by the cast, who were literally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the Milanese public last season.

"This year we staged the show in the province," says director Maurizio Colombi, "and we arrive at Milan's Teatro degli Arcimboldi with an even more well-rehearsed show, if ever there was a need after last season's 75 performances. A rather long tour awaits us, in 11 theatres all over Italy: we are returning to Milan, Rome, Bologna and Trieste, which welcomed us with great enthusiasm in the first season, but we have added many other cities to meet the growing passion for the musical that is finally being felt in Italy. We have renewed a few elements, updated a few jokes and, compared to a year ago, the understanding between the cast and the musicians has reached amazing levels, so even for those who had already seen it, We Will Rock You remains the show not to be missed in 2011″.


The rich set design, the ultra-high-definition screens and the sound system with over 50,000 watts of power remain the distinguishing features of a musical that has no equal in the genre. "Another element that I consider and winning element - explains Claudio Trotta, producer of We Will Rock You in Italy - is the choice, shared by Queen themselves, to keep the songs in English (except for two) and to translate and re-adapt only the script. The selection of a cast of the highest level was also a winner, as Brian May and Roger Taylor themselves did not fail to note. The protagonists of We Will Rock You act in Italian, sing in English, dance and every night do all these things together live, with unquestionable talent'.


We Will Rock You"It is a show in which the emotional tension never lets up, while reality and fantasy mingle along a thin line, between jokes that inevitably provoke laughter, even if at times they are more serious than they seem, and characters that are cruel and funny at the same time, like Killer Queen and Commander Khashoggi, or creative and contemporary like the Bohemians or Galileo and Scaramouche themselves, the children of tomorrow, who dream of saving (their) world by pursuing a dream, in this case the rebirth of rock music. The songs, of course, are those of Queen and, as Brian May, evoked in the musical as the God of the Guitar, says, 'if there is our music in the show, it means we are there too'.


In the leading roles are on stage for the second year running Martha Rossi (Scaramouche), Salvo Vinci (Galileo), Valentina Ferrari (Killer Queen), Salvo Bruno (Khashoggi), Paolo Barillari (Brit), Loredana Fadda (Oz) and Massimiliano Colonna (Pop). On stage with them in the various roles of actors, dancers and singers are Eleonora Barbacini, Alessandra Calamassi, Andrea Cerchia, Antonella Condemi, Valentina Corrao, NiÑo Demonteverde, Mary Dima, Leonardo Di Minno, Pierpaolo Lisca, Nadira Lisi, Arianna Sala, Chiara Sarcinella Boonchaleaw, Luca Santamorena and Chiara Valli. The voices are coordinated by Alex Procaccithe 8-piece band, conducted by Maestro Roberto Zanaboni (on keyboards), consists of Giovanni Maria Lori e Davide Magnabosco (keyboards and piano), Andrea Cervetto e Marco Gerace (guitars), Linda Pinelli (bass, fresh from his summer experience with the band of 'We Will Rock You' on stage at the Dominion Theatre for nine years running), Alex Polifrone (drums) and Marco Scazzetta (percussion).


Among the juicy new features of the second season of the musical, conceived and written by the Queen with the English screenwriter Ben Eltonthere is the realisation of the original soundtrack: the CD containing all the songs from 'We Will Rock You', sung by the Italian cast, already in radio airplay, is on sale exclusively in the theatres where the show is held.

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