Thursday 8 May 2008: i KISS present their new European tour to the World. First stop OberhausenGermany. The band shows up at the press conference in full and grand style, with make-up and stage clothes. Anticipation for the New York band is high and there is also great excitement among the journalists. The conference flows amusingly, Paul Stanley is the most talkative and the most sincere: 'This tour is to celebrate our past, we are not interested in recording new material... in Alive 35 Kiss fans will get what they want'.
Words matched the day after the Oberhousen Arenavenue for the first date of the European tour. Describing a Kiss concert means first of all watching the Kiss Army arrive at the concert: the make-up, the T-shirts, the anticipation and the choruses. Few bands in the world have been able to generate such a strong mania. Parents bring their children to the concert, painted and convinced.
Sold out with 16,000 people: the Cinder Roadsupporters that we will also see on the two Italian dates. Theirs is Def Leppard-style rock, melodic and catchy. The audience reacts half-heartedly until the band pulls out the hat Rebel, yell by Billy Idol, which unleashes enthusiasm in the crowd... After 40 minutes Cinder Road leave the stage and the adrenaline builds...
9.30 p.m... Roar!!! From above, they descend Paul, Gene and Tommywhile Eric Singer has already started his pounding drumming. It starts with 'Duce'which has the task of inaugurating a setlist composed entirely of songs by the legendary 'Alive'the band's first live album.
Stanley is in great shape and moves like a 20-year-old, Gene's charisma is unchanged, and the two 'added' members (although long-time comrades) are a great strength of this show. The drummer Eric Singer is one of the best in Europe and Kiss' sound takes full advantage of this. They arrive Strutter', Got to choose' and other pieces never before performed in Europe. Among them 'She'followed by the guitar solo of Tommy Thayercomplete with flames and fireworks...
The visual impact is no less than the sonic one: as announced, KISS don't miss a thing and the show is a deliberate concentration of the most extreme hard rock clichés.
Eric Singer sings first 'Nothing to lose' so 'Black Diamond' proving to be a key element of this tour... Closing with the anthem 'Rock & Roll all nite'accompanied by a spray of confetti, both from the stage and from the mixer, in a quantity that filled the entire Arena. Paul Stanley closes in style with the breaking of his guitar, on the final beat: jubilation!
Of course, that's not the end of the story: the encores are to die for! The band performs the greatest hits since the release of Alive. What is a Kiss concert without Shout it out loud, Lick it up, Love Gun, I was made for loving you e Detroit Rock City? Also unmissable is the show by Simmons, which precedes I love it loud with blood and flight of the bass player.
With a bombastic finale closes after two and a half hours what proves to be The greatest Rock & Roll show on Earth
The date for the Italian Kiss Army is set Tuesday 13 May at the Arena di Verona e 24 June at the Forum in Milan (tickets still available)...
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