It closed yesterday with the date at Live Club in Trezzo d'Adda the Italian tour of Joe Satriani, which had also made a stop in Udine the 10th of June.
Great success in terms of music and audience for Alien, who sold out yesterday before kicking off a fiery performance. The sanguine rock of his latest album Professor Satchfunkilus and the Musterion of Rock'. also brought the live dimension back in a more direct and aggressive direction, supported by Jeff Campitelli to the battery, Stu Hamm bass and Galen Henson on rhythm guitar.
The beginning of I just wanna rock is a declaration of intent followed by Overdriver and the hit Satch Boogieone of those songs that can conquer different generations and has now also become a compulsory 'object of study' for all guitarists.
The performance of Joe and his musicians is impressive. Even the finest pieces in his repertoire, such as Cool # 9, a fusion gem taken from the 'Satriani' album, take on more rock connotations, especially in sound. Joe's precision is impressive: the sound and execution are prefect and it is a pleasure for the ears and eyes to enjoy this authentic six-string genius: Time Machine, Cryin' and Always with me always with you, guiding tracks of the virtuoso hard rock of the 80s and 90s, do not show the side of time and are as engaging as ever. With his very personal Ibanez S, created by him and now sported in three different colours (black, white and red), Joe is an icon among guitar heroes and as such closes the concert (before the encores) with the iconic song of this way of understanding rock: Surfing with the alien (1988), perhaps his greatest success, closes the set.
The Choir JOE JOE is not long in coming and the quartet returns to the stage for what they call 'Crowd Chant'with the melody built on 'Big in Japan', perfect for provoking a chorus of fans.
At Going Down a surprise: him again Paolo Kessisoglu of Iene, after his foray into Sansiro with Negramaro, takes the stage for a duet with Satchaexcited and happy in front of his guitar legend.
The beautiful and eternal 'Summer Song greets the large crowd for real this time.
See you soon, Mr Satriani!

The Trezzo d'Adda line-up:
I just wanna rock
Satche Boggie
Ice 9
Diddle-Y-A- Doo-Dat
Flying in a blue dream
Super colossal
One big rush
Out of the sunrise
Time machine
Cool #9
Andalusia (bass solo)
Always with me always with you
Surfing with the Alien

Crowd chant
Going down
Summer song