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The singer of the British synthpop/newave duo Soft Cellwho hit the big time in 1981 with the hit 'Tainted Love', will take the stage at the Cagliari Civic Theatre on 9 October for the only Italian date. He will present his new album 'Orpheus in Exile', released on 7 September, and will celebrate with Italian fans the 30-year career.  


Marc Almond He calls himself a 'survivor' and not only in terms of his musical activity, fashions and a life of excess. He is also a survivor because in 2004 he survived a terrible motorbike accident, from which he fully recovered, so much so that the following year he was already on stages in half of Europe, guesting at festivals and concerts and DJing in various clubs. In 2010 he will celebrate thirty years of activitya thirty-year period in which he became a musical and style icon for the global gay community and numerous artists, from the Pet Shop Boys to Goldfrapp, from Pulp to Anthony & The Johnsons. I Soft Cell had a short career, which ended in 1984 and was followed many years later by a reunion, but despite this they are one of the iconic bands of the 1980s, especially of that current of electronic pop that loved the use of synthesisers and lyrics with extreme and provocative themes. Their most famous hit remains 'Tainted Love'of which many samples and as many covers of different genres have been made. However, Almond's career should not be confined to the period of his association with David Ball, as he is rich in collaborations, including those with Nick Cave, Siouxsie, Nico and John Cale, as well as solo albums. 'Orpheus in Exile'published on 7 September, followed by the cover album 'Stardom Road' (2007), and is an homage to Vadim Kozin, composer of traditional Soviet-era songs. 


The concert will feature Marc Almond perform with a four-piece bandstrictly live, with tracks ranging from old Soft Cell hits to more recent ones from Almond's solo career.


Friday 9 October 2009- Cagliari - Expo c/o Teatro Civico  (Ingr € 15 )

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