The original soundtrack of 'We Will Rock You - The Musical', containing all the songs that are part of the spectacular 'rock-opera' with Queen's hits, performed by the Italian cast, is on sale from today, only in theatres.


The CD, recorded during 2 performances of We Will Rock You at the Allianz Theatre in Milan in January 2010, with artistic production by Alex Procacci, is published by Barley Arts and approved as well as supervised by Queen, captures all the energy of the live show in 24 trackssung by the characters of the musical, i.e. their talented performers from the first edition (characterised by the alternation of 2 different performers in some of the main roles): Salvo Vinci e Gianluca Merolli (Galileo), Martha Rossi e Martina Ciabatti (Scaramouche), Salvo Bruno e Carlo Spanò (Khashoggi), Loredana Fadda e Mary Dima (Oz), Paolo Barillari (Brit), Valentina Ferrari (Killer Queen) and Massimiliano Colonna (Pop) cross their beautiful voices climbing notes and tones through the magical songs that went down in history thanks to the inimitable voice of Freddie Mercury.


Legendary tracks such as 'A Kind of Magic' (sung by Valentina Ferrari and Salvo Bruno), 'We Will Rock You' (Salvo Vinci and the ensemble), 'Somebody To Love' (Martha Rossi), 'I Want It All' (Paolo Barillari and Mary Dima), 'These are the Days of our Lives' (Massimiliano Colonna) are brought to life in a live interpretation of such intensity that it is the best homage to the myth of Freddie and Queen. And in this regard, the version of "No One But You (Only the good die young)" interpreted by Loredana Fadda is particularly touching: the song, originally written by Brian May in memory of Freddie Mercury celebrated at Live Aid, is one of only two partially translated into Italian in the musical (the other is Radio Gaga) and thus becomes a poignant ballad that explodes into a crescendo amidst the choruses in the finale.

The band that played live is led by Roberto Zanaboni (on keyboards), and composed of Giovanni Maria Lori e Davide Magnabosco (keyboards and piano), Andrea Cervetto e Tristan Avakian (guitars), Linda Pinelli (bass guitar, fresh from his summer experience with the UK's 'We Will Rock You' band on stage at the Dominion Theatre for nine years running), Alex Polifrone (drums) and Marco Scazzetta (percussion).


"We Will Rock You The musical O.S.T." is on sale only in the theatres where the show will be staged (debut on 20 January 2011 at the Creberg Theatre in Bergamo) and is available in two versions: regular CD and Luxury Box, containing, in addition to the CD, the photo book of the show with the Italian translation of the song lyrics.


'We Will Rock You', the 'rock opera' written by Queen and Ben Elton, produced in Italy by Barley Artsin association with Queen Theatrical Productions, Phyl McIntire Entertainment e Tribeca Theatrical Productions, after its debut in Bergamo (20-23 January) will be on tour throughout Italy, until May. The planned stages are at the Alfieri Theatre in Turin (3 - 6 February), at the Arcimboldi Theatre by Milan (11 -20 February), at the '105 Stadium', by Genoa (3-6 March), at the Paladozza in Bologna (10-13 March), at the Teastro Rossetti in Trieste (17-20 March), at the Mandela Forum in Florence (24-27 March), at the Grand Theatre of Rome (31 March-3 April), at the Geox Theatre in Padua (7-10 April), at the '105 Stadium' in Rimini (21-24 April), at the Palapartenope in Naples (5-8 May) and at the Palasport in Acireale (12-15 May), all with a specific theatrical staging


In the leading roles are again Martha Rossi (Scaramouche), Salvo Vinci (Galileo), Valentina Ferrari (Killer Queen), Salvo Bruno (Khashoggi), Paolo Barillari (Brit), Loredana Fadda (Oz) and Massimiliano Colonna (Pop). They are on stage with them in the various roles of actors, dancers and singers, Eleonora Barbacini, Alessandra Calamassi, Andrea Cerchia, Antonella Condemi, Valentina Corrao, NiÑo Demonteverde, Mary Dima, Leonardo Di Minno, Pierpaolo Lisca, Nadira Lisi, Arianna Sala, Chiara Sarcinella Boonchaleaw, Luca Santamorena e Chiara Valli. The band playing live each night is the same as on the live CD, with the only exception of Marco Gerace on guitars in place of Tristan (who returned to Canada with his family).