First day of the Flippaut 2006 - International Music Session in the sign of Norman Cookalias Fatboy SlimA little after 11 p.m., the protagonist of a DJ set of great impact, both sonic and visual.
The Brighton-based DJ took the opportunity to get the five thousand people under the main stage singing and jumping, playing the riff of Seven Nation Army of White Stripesand the Flippaut audience exploded every time. A great feeling between the author of 'You've come a long way babe' and the fans, involved in a dj set that ranged from unreleased remixes to new versions of songs that have made the world famous. Fatboy Slim the world's most popular DJ. So from the overhead console, complete with maxi screens both behind and at the artist's feet, came Rockafella Skunk', 'Right Here, Right Now', 'Praise You'... and other great successes.
Yesterday was not only Fatboy Slim's day: before him Paul Weller (today still live in Rome), gave another demonstration of his great class, despite the fact that the temperature was still inclement. We start with From the Floorboards Up to close with the historic song by The Jam, 'A Town Called Malice (Barley Box).
The heat has not stopped the energy of the George Clinton and its Parliament/FunkadelicThe lion of funk showed once again who is the true precursor of black music. The lion of funk proved once again who the true forerunner of black music is, and the audience, despite the blazing sun, followed him with conviction: 'Let's take it to the stage', 'Bop Gun'versions of Funketelechy, Fly On (Dog Star), 'I love you more than words can say'. with valuable guest volcals such as Belita Woods, Blackbird McNight and Sir Nose.
I NovastarOn stage at 4pm, they did not disappoint the expectations of those who see them as one of the revelations of the last musical season. The Belgian group, in addition to the hit single Never Back Downpresented the Italian public with other excellent tracks from their debut album
Big surprise ScarlingTheir set, although short, only 6 songs for them, showed a combo definitely growing, more appreciable in the live version than in the studio. Jessickathe singer and band leader, is extremely talented and his live voice makes the songs from their latest album even more immediate. So Long, Sacercrow.
Electronic SideThe tent dedicated to the best DJs on the scene was a winning bet, a worthy successor to last year's Silent Disco.
Extraordinary performance by Peter Hook (New Order)the resdident of the first evening did a great job in linking the performances. Dj pandaj.
Among the DJs performing on the main stage was a great Dj Camwhich opened the doors to Fatboy Slim and another crazy performance by Boosta. The programme for today, Saturday 22, on the site www.flippaut.it

Pictures of the first day will be published online very soon... Poo Po Po Po Po Poo Poo Poo