'Revenge' like the name of the latest single from the album "So far so good"'Revenge' as the name of the tour that will start on 3 December and will take Marracash to play all over Italy. On stage with him DJ Tayone and his right arm, Deleterious, to doubles.

Marracash is preparing for a full season of club concerts to share the emotions contained in his songs with his audience: they will be evenings of rap, heavy rhyming words and powerful four-quarter beats.

It starts on 3 December from the north to then stop in Zurich and then along the Peninsula, from Bologna to Rome, from Varese to Cagliari.

'Fino a qui tutto bene' was released last July, preceded by the single 'Stupido', which the Milanese rapper from the Barona district also recorded in a second version with the participation of Fabri Fibra. The video, punchy and ironic, sees Marracash appear on magazine covers that mock the most famous and controversial Italian weeklies.

In the title track of the tour, 'Rivincita', Fabio Rizzo (this is his real name) duets with a dark and aggressive Giusy Ferreri as never before. The song has a deep and very heartfelt meaning for the rapper from Barona, so much so that no other title could have been chosen for the tour.

Marracash's major label debut came in 2008, with his self-titled album that propelled him to the top of all the charts: the first extract 'Badabum Cha Cha' became one of the iconic tracks of that summer, as well as one of the most played hip hop tracks on the radios. Thus, in a short time, Marracash has become one of the leading exponents of the Italian rap scene, the genre that for some years now has been the soundtrack to the lives of all those young people in Italy who do not just live glued in front of the television: rap is the chosen genre for all of them, and Marracash is one of its most credible and respected spokesmen.

Here are the details of the tour, the schedule is constantly being updated:

03/12/10 - Fontaneto D'agogna (NO) - Phenomenon - Entrance 10 Euro

04/12/10 - Zurich - Club On - 30 Francs (23 Euro) + Maxi B and Bassi Maestro

07/12/10 - Bologna - Kindergarten - Entrance 13 Euro + prev

11/12/10 - Castelseprio (VA) - Ponderosa Music Club - 15 Euro

18/12/10 - Senigallia (AN) - Mamamia - euro 13 reduced / euro 15 price

15/01/11 - Perugia - Norman - Entrance Euro 10 + prev

21/01/11 - Reggio Emilia - Tunnel - Admission Euro 12 + prev.

22/01/11 - Brescia - Latte + - Entrance 10 Euro

25/01/11 - Rome - Circolo degli artisti - Admission 10 Euro+ prev

04/02/11 - Torino - Hiroshima - Admission euro 12 + prev.

05/02/11 - Mestre (VE) - Moon Club - Entrance euro 12 + prev

11/02/11 - Trezzo (MI) - Live - Euro 10 for those who buy online on the site and Euro 12 at the box office

19/02/11 - Cagliari - The Club - Entrance Euro 15 - Reduced Euro 12