The Italian tour of the PRODIGYwhich is coming to an end in these days with the last two stages in Barletta and Acireale, together with the Milan date of the FAITHLESS, who in the meantime announce their presence at Italia Wave on 23 Julywere among the most eagerly awaited events in the dance world. This is a term that is very close to the shows we attended, so different from each other but at the same time linked by the need for a total, audiovisual and sensorial spectacle: PRODIGY were as luciferous, starting from the stage impact, as FAITHLESS were ethereal, the former as continuous in attacking the spectators, the latter as lovers of different atmospheres.
The show of Keith Flint, Liam and Maxim swept across Italy, proving once again that the Prodigy are the leaders of a scene that is still thriving today and owes a great deal to them.
Starting with a sell-out in Milan, they literally tore through Mantua and Rimini, and then 'set fire' to a sold-out Pala Atlantico in Rome yesterday.
From the songs that made their history, such as 'Breathe' or 'Firestarter' until the last excerpts from 'Invaders must die', their concert did not have a single moment of respite.
Several FAITHLESSmuch closer to the band and live-show concept, with percussion, keyboards, guitars and bass on stage, with little room given to samplers and sampling.
To define their concert as 'dance' is very reductive: there is R&B, trip-hop, reggae and suol in the voice of Maxi Jazzexperimentation that lasted throughout the performance, in a triumph of coloured lights and sounds that made the entire Alcatraz audience jump and dance non-stop, confirming Faithless as one of the best live-acts around.

Prodigy Photos: Henry Ruggeri
Photo Faithless: Francesco Prandoni