They have been missing from the capital for some 20 years... on 23 October 2009 the Crying Steel return to the Roman stage, as special guests of the Swiss GOTTHARD
Heavy metal band from Bologna, born in 1982, from the pre-existing hard-rock band  Wurdalak  founded by guitarist Alberto Simonini  and the bassist Angelo Franchini,  to which was later added the singer Luca Bonzagni .
Since '83  the formation takes its final shape  with the graft  by Luca Ferri to the battery and Franco Nipoti on guitar .
Their second demo-tape arouses interest  of the specialised monthly magazine 'Rockerilla' reporting  the band to the independent label Metal Eye, which included them with the track 'Thundergods' in the first Italian heavy compilation  "Heavy-Metal Eruption' ( March 1984 ) .
In January 1985, the mini-LP 'Crying Steel' was released on Metal Eye.
In June 1986 'Heavy Metal Festival' in  Bologna with  Motorhead and Twisted Sister .
In January 1987, they were voted by readers of the trade magazine 'HM' as the second best Italian heavy metal band.

In December 1987  comes out for LM /Sound Materials  the album 'On the prowl' also available in   picture disc and compact disc, is reviewed by  more press sources such as the  best product in the HM genre  ever realised in Italy.

In September  1988 Luca Bonzagni and Alberto Simonini leave the group  and are replaced

from Lisa Bisognin  and Michele Vanni .

In January 1989, they were again voted by the readers of the magazine  "HM' as the second best Italian heavy metal band. In March 1990  Francesco Dinicola ( ex Danger Zone ) replaces Michele Vanni on guitar and in July of the same year the band toured Russia.
In  March 1994  reunion gig  sold out with the original line-up  a  Bologna .

In September  2003, the group (  reconstituted the  lineup of 'On the prowl'  ) e'  headliner at 'Metalfest' in  Bologna .

In June 2006, the band signed to 'My Graveyard Records' for an album to be released in January 2007.

In February 2007  goes out " The steel  is back'  e  in the same month the group  participate  to the first  edition of the  "Play it loud " festival in Brescia  with Raven , Blietzkrieg  ( and others ) .

Alberto Simonini leaves the group for reasons  of health  and is replaced  by Max Magagni

The group participates in several festivals  (" Hit the lights" // "Revenge of true metal fest" // " Firefest " //

"No posers fest').

In  2008  continued  the  live activities promoting the  disc.

In  2009  the composition of the  tracks that will be part of the  new  work....