LiveAcross is music of movement. After the first edition spent moving between various clubs to hear the best European acts of the moment, in 2009 the festival found a home at the Dal Verme Theatre of Milan, where Friday 29 and Saturday 30 May the two evenings dedicated to the European indie music scene will take place. Live Across is part of the broader Music Across project, promoted by the Lombardy Region and aimed at promoting projects that experiment with new musical languages and synergies with other art forms.
Seven bands are on the bill for this edition of Live Across, which promises to be full of exclusives and novelties. Among the most eagerly awaited of the festival, on Friday 29 May the French New WaveThey will premiere their new album '3'. The first single 'Master and Servant', featuring Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, has just been released.
On the same evening, another unique show will be that of the Perturbation with 'Le città viste dal basso', a project preceding the release of the album, dedicated for the occasion to the city of Milan.
After them, the British will take the stage The Rumble Stripsone of the most promising bands on the British indie scene, compared by many to The Fratellis and The Kooks.
Saturday 30 May will be the turn of the Emilians Miró Gardens which will premiere the silent film 'The Fire', whose album they will release in June.
After them the Icelanders will play Hjaltalina sort of 7-piece folk-rock mini-orchestra that has enjoyed considerable success in Scandinavian countries. Two names from Great Britain will follow: Neil Halstead and Hudson Mohawke. The former, former leader of the cult band Mojave 3, will perform in a folk-acoustic key accompanied by 3 elements, while Hudson Mohawke, composer of electronic music contaminated by various genres, will perform strictly live, an unmissable occasion for those who are used to listening to him in DJ sets.

Concerts start at 21.00www.musicacross.it
Music Across, which includes in addition to LiveAcross/Indie Nightsalso Indeepandance/Live with Orchestra and Avion Travel/L Amico Magico, is a project strongly desired by Massimo Zanello, Councillor for Culture of the Lombardy Region, who entrusted its artistic direction to Caterina Caselli Sugar.

The Music Across events on the bill have the following schedule:
INDEEPANDANCE/Live with Orchestra: Alcatraz, Milan 19-20-21 May

AVION TRAVEL/L Amico Magico: Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan 28 May

LIVE ACROSS/ Indie Nights - Dal Verme Theatre - Milan 29 and 30 May 2009
29 May 2009: - Perturbation - EN
- The Rumble Strips - UK
- Nouvelle Vague - FR

30 May 2009:
- Giardini di Mirò vs. Il Fuoco - EN
- Hjaltalin - IS
- Neil Halstead - UK
- Hudson Mohawke - UK