They have opened Michael Bublè concerts around the world and are now ready to embark on a new European tour, which will pass through Italy for a single date in Milan on 10 April at the Salumeria della Musica.

The Naturally 7, one of the few existing musical ensembles to perform entirely with the 'Vocal Play'finally arrive in Italy to present their new album, which they have entitled 'Vocal Play'.

Naturally 7 are a New York band pioneering in the use of voice to recreate the sound of musical instruments. The seven do not use any instruments, all their songs are reproduced exclusively with the voice and the effect is truly astonishing. This style is similar to 'a cappella' singing but differs from it in that not only voices and choruses are reproduced but also the entire instrumentation with the sole use of the vocal chords. One example is the single that made them popular in the American and European charts, 'Feel It', cover of Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight'. The band has so far recorded four albums, 'Non Fiction', 'What Is It' , 'Christmas....Is A Love Story' and 'Ready II Fly', which topped the charts halfway around the world thanks to the single 'Feel It'. After this career breakthrough in 2007, Naturally 7 collaborated with Michael Buble, and received compliments and invitations from various artists such as Coldplay and Brian Eno. Their latest record 'Wall Of Sound', available digitally, took them to the UK with several dates and with Buble they performed in Australia, the US, Canada and Europe, receiving acclaim everywhere. They recently performed at the Bermuda Music Festival, with Quincy Jones & Friends and at London's Pigalle, where Chris Martin, Natalie Imbruglia and Brian Eno also played. At the end of 2010 came the new album 'Vocal Play', published in Italy in a special CD+DVD edition, with some of the best live performances that have been going crazy on the web for some time.


SUNDAY 10 APRIL 2011 - Milan - La Salumeria della Musica (Ingr: € 25+prev.)

Tickets on sale on the TicketOne circuit

Concert starts at 21:30 


www.naturallyseven.com www.n7house.de