They were the first Italian band to play at the Arena di Verona in summer 2007. Now the negramaro realise a huge dream and become the first Italian band to enter the Sansiro Stadium. The appointment, negramaro's only live show for summer 2008 and also this year's first concert in the Scala del Calcio, is for Saturday 31 May.
Meanwhile, on 31 January, exactly four months before they hit the SanSiro stage, Negramaro triumphantly closed at the Mantua Social Theatre the second phase of The Window TourIn eight months, just under 200,000 people applauded the two musical faces of Negramaro. First there were the 24 high-energy concerts in the summer of 2007 in some of Italy's most beautiful squares and arenas. Then, since October, 52 concerts in theatres, for which the band has courageously reinvented itself in an acoustic key, offering an intimate and at the same time passionate show, among ethnic instruments and surprising improvisations. The common denominator of the 76 show is as much the unbridled enthusiasm of the fans, who sold out first the arenas and then the theatres every night, as the magic created on stage by Negramaro with their music, hits from their first albums and songs from The WindowThe latest album, already multi-platinum and still topping the charts, 34 weeks after its release.
The 31 May concert in Sansiro will be the ideal culmination of Negramaro's journey so far, a big party with their fans, a day of live music that will begin in the afternoon with the performance of some artists, whose names will be announced soon.
Tickets - €30 plus advance sale for a single seat, €40 for selected numbered seats in the 1st ring grandstand - are on sale from 1 February on the Ticketone circuit (www.ticketone.it and points of sale in the territory), followed by the usual points of sale.