MilanIt is just past midnight on Tuesday 23 October... smiling, enthusiastic, incredulous, astonished faces emerge from the DuthchForum. There are men who are no longer very young, who come down the stairs telling their friends about the concert as if they were adoloescents, and there are kids who swear they have never seen such a concert. All true, because a concert of the RushOne of the most important bands in the hard rock scene, as well as one of the most technical, is something you will remember for a long time. Lots of music, more than three hours of concert and more... a gigantic and spectacular set design with fireworks, a series of very ironic introductory videos that revealed the more playful side of the Canadian trio and, above all, three musicians capable of doing anything with their instruments.
At 9 p.m. on the dot, the dances begin: the mega-screens are switched on and, through a 'dreamlike' gag in which our three heroes are the protagonists, we are catapulted into the world of the Rush to the tune of Limelight. There will be many tracks from the latest studio work Snakes & Arrows performed during the first part of the concert. There is also space for Circumstances while the set closes before a short break with Dreamlineon which the laser system lights up, projecting lights and emotions all over the arena.
The second part opens with the beautiful Far Cry' single from their latest album, the refrain of which explodes into a blaze that jolts the whole Forum. Another high moment of the concert is given by Neil PeartHis solo is a concentration of technique and imagination. The fans are literally speechless. The Rush drummer plays with three different sets of pieces, including synths with which he builds melodies accompanied by his crazy rhythm... there are no words. Always considered one of the best drummers in the world, Peart confirms himself as an innovator despite being over 50. Take note....
Ready for the grand finale? Brace yourselves, because here they come in order Distant Early Warning, The Spirit of the radio', Tom Sawyer, One Little Victory (the set design is beautiful, echoing the artwork of Rush in Rio), A Passage to Bankok and the ever-present YYZ.

Unforgettable... See you Geddy, Alex, Neil!

RUSH - 23 OCTOBER MILAN - Set list:
Digital Man
Entre Nous
Free Will
Monkey Business
Larger Bowl
Secret Touch
Between the Wheels

Far Cry
Working them angels
Armor & Sword
Wind Blows
Natural Science
Witch Hunt
Malnar w/Drum solo
Distant Early Warning
The Spirit of the Radio
Tom Sawyer
One little Victory
A passage to Bankok

Photos Francesco Prandoni