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Enzo and Dino Ferrari" International Racetrack

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The free official app ACDC IN ITALY is available for iOS and Android platforms on the respective stores. It contains all useful information on how to get to the concert, timetables, useful numbers, routes, etc.


A special area with games for children will be set up on the lawn at the foot of the Rivazza hill.


An area of 100 thousand square metres for the public in the Rivazza Paddock, the greenest area of the Imola Autodrome.


Please read the following warnings carefully. They apply to the entire audience at the concert:

  • A spectator who is found to be without a ticket during an inspection must pay the ticket price again.
  • Lasers and aerosol cans may not be used and may not be brought into the performance venue. They will be confiscated from offenders for the duration of the performance.
  • Italian legislation prohibits the entry of animals into public entertainment, so animals are banned.
  • Beware of fake merchandise of inferior quality: official merchandise is on sale inside the concert area and along the access track.
  • Avoid buying tickets from unauthorised retailers: they may be counterfeit. Every ticket is checked at the entrance.
  • Passes are strictly personal and non-transferable, an identity document may be requested at any time for verification, under penalty of cancellation and removal from the event.
  • Admission to the concert venues is not subject to age, race or religious restrictions.
  • Personal searches are foreseen. The control staff is at your service, cooperate with them.
  • The ticket holder consents to and authorises any future use of any audio, video, internet and photographic recordings that may be made as part of the audience.
  • Bottles, cans, alcohol, umbrellas, helmets and any other blunt objects may not be brought into the performance venue.
  • In case of cancellation of the performance, the nominal value of the ticket will be refunded no later than 10 working days after the date of the cancelled event at the point of sale where the ticket was purchased.
  • The concert will also be held in the event of bad weather, except in cases where adverse weather conditions make the performance unsafe. There is no refund if the concert is held.
  • The programme and times of the performance may be subject to change without a refund of the ticket.
  • The concert organisers accept no responsibility for any improper behaviour on the part of the audience that damages the enjoyment and visibility of the concert.


The ticket office is in via Oriani 2/4, Piscina Comunale area (corner of via Tabanelli). Open on the day of the concert from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. for online Ticketone bookings, Vivaticket bookings, press accreditation and disabled bookings.


Located at the disco Mineral Water Park in Via Kennedy (enter Via Atleti Azzurri d'Italia, 22 in your browser). Opens at 09.00 on Wednesday 8 July, closes at 13.00 on Friday 10 July (times may vary). Cars and motorbikes are NOT allowed in the camping area but will be placed next to it. Contact person for info and bookings STEFANO MONGARDI (Grifo Teenagers Imola - Ass. sportiva dilettantistica non a scopo di lucro) - [email protected] – 339/7398244

A second campsite, more suitable for families, is CAMPING TIRO A SEGNO - Via Tiro a Segno, 2 - open from Wednesday 8 July h. 8.00 to Friday 10 July h. 16.00 - Booking reference: Mrs MINA tel. 338/9569414


Disabled people who have applied for listing and received a positive response from the organiser will be placed in different areas.

IN CARRIAGE: they will be accommodated on a platform in the Rivazza paddock, accessible from 16.00 h.

DISABLED PEOPLE WITH SEATING REQUIREMENTS: will be accommodated in the Rivazza Grandstand, accessible from 16.00.

DISABLED WITHOUT NEEDING TO BE SEATED: they can collect the free gift for the accompanying person at the box office and attend the concert with the rest of the audience.


Access to the disabled car park is by means of a named reservation list (places are sold out). A simple disabled pass does not allow access to these areas.

Disabled people on the list with a pass issued by their municipality of residence will not pay for parking.

BY CARRIAGE: Rivazza bassa, via Santerno c/o Chico Mendez monument (green area). BY CARRIAGE: dedicated area inside the parking area of Rivazza alta, via dei Colli c/o Tribuna Rivazza alta access (green area), near the restaurant pizzeria IL FARO.


An info point will be set up along the track, which will also serve as a lost and found until the end of the concert. There will be two municipal info points:

IAT OFFICE - Galleria del Centro Cittadino di Imola - Via Emilia 135

Wednesday 8 July 8.30 am - 8.30 pm

Thursday 9 July h. 8.30 - 18.30

IAT OFFICE - Circuit entrance (Dekra Tower) in via Fratelli Rosselli

Wednesday 8 July h. 14.30 - 22.30

Thursday 9 July 7 a.m. until the end of the concert.


There are two entrances to the concert area: PONTE DANTE ENTRANCE (via Malsicura) and RIVAZZA HILL ENTRANCE (via dei Colli/via Ascari).

Entrance Ponte Dante - The main entrance is located on Via Malsicura (past the Dante bridge, at the junction with Via Galli, Tribuna Senna) and will be open from 14.00 on Thursday 9 JulyFrom here you will enter directly into the track, arriving at the Rivazza Paddock where the concert will take place.

Rivazza Hill Entrance - The second entrance, for the Rivazza grandstand, is located in Via dei Colli/via Ascari and will be open from 4 p.m. on Thursday 9 July. From the Rivazza grandstand it will also be possible to access the meadow, the track and the Rivazza paddock, as well as from the Rivazza paddock it will be possible to access the track, the grandstand and the meadow.



Carabinieri 112

Police 113

VVF 115

Medical assistance 118

Municipal Police 0542660311

Tourist Information Office of the Municipality of Imola 0542.602207 -331.2589190

Barley Arts - 02.36744542


TICKET COLLECTION: from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on 9 July.




AC/DC: h. 21.00


45 metres of stage front, 26 metres of depth.



The following public areas are designated for controlled parking from 4 p.m. on Wednesday 8 July to midnight on Thursday 9 July:

Via Oriani and via Tabanelli car parks, as far as via Guicciardini east side semi-block road, including the sports palace car park, and via Guicciardini (P1)

Via Pirandello car park (P2) travelling show area

Via Graziadei car park (P3)

Green floodplain area via Graziadei (P4)

Rivazza' Green Area (P5)via dei Colli

Green area via dei Colli (P6) left going up towards via Ascari

Green area Via Ascari/ Via dei Colli (P7)

Via Ascari car park (P8) (next to the agricultural school)

Green area via Tiro a Segno and parking along river side road (P9)

Green area next to Famila (P10)

Via Boccaccio/via Pirandello car park (P11) (former oil mill and crusher)

Parking Nazi Lager (P12), via Tiro a Segno

Parking 'Il Meleto' (P13), via Tiro a Segno

Via Padovani car park (P14)

Car park Sante Zennaro (P15)via Pirandello, car park outside the Sante Zennaro schools

Green area via Onorio II (P16)next to the rugby fields.

PULLMAN parking in via Guicciardini (P1) and via Pirandello: Contact person Mr Dal Monte 347/8717674 - Mr Michele 340/2400472 - Mr Matteo 347/2523275

Tariffs applied in public and accredited areas: Motorbike € 5, Car € 8, Caravan € 15, Camper € 16, Coach € 30


The AC/DC concert in Imola will include a large pit area in order to limit the physical pressure on the first thousands of people who will be present under the stage. For a precise, shared and usual choice, AC/DC and Barley Arts have not foreseen any surcharge that regulates economically the access of people to the area, differently from what legitimately established by other artists and promoters. Entry to the Pit therefore does not require any payment other than the purchase of the concert ticket. Access will be granted to those who show up before the others, there will be no lottery or other selective system except for the classic 'first come, first served'. Two points will be set up in an out-of-the-way position to avoid pressure on entry and exit, where you can collect your bracelet (non-transferable), which will be handed out at the first opportunity to leave the pit. We always invite the public to be our allies and collaborate with the service staff to ensure fairness, correctness, common sense, joy and smiles to live a great day of rock'n'roll all together.


900 people, more than 180 trucks, 600 reception staff, 350 catering staff. All control personnel will be recognisable by their official shirt and concert pass.


4 medical centres (2 with beds), 4 first aid stations, 12 doctors, 21 nurses, 141 rescuers. There will also be a "First aid medical point" in Via Romeo Galli near the entrance from Via Malsicura.


Virgin Radio is the official radio of the event and will report on the day through the voices of the public and guests present together with its DJs.


Seventeen refreshment points with various types of food will be set up to ensure everyone has the best possible choice within the Autodrome.


There will be 8 screens: 3 on the stage (covering an area of 300 square metres) and 5 in the concert area.


The official website of the concert is and contains all useful news.

SPECIAL GUEST: Vintage Trouble

8 DELAY TOWERS audio/video


3,000 metres of safety barriers, 900 metres of anti-panic barriers.


In addition to the ordinary train connections to and from Imola, special trains will be available from Imola on the night of 9-10 July until normal morning service resumes.

Due to the scarcity of seats, passengers are asked to obtain their tickets before the night of 9 July. Access to the station area will be allowed to those who are already in possession of a regular Trenitalia ticket, which can be purchased online at and at authorised Trenitalia sales channels.

Departure from IMOLA - Arrival at BOLOGNA CENTRALE

23:58 - 00:17 (Train R33638)

00:28 - 00:48 (Train R33646)

00:58 - 01:18 (Train R33640)

01:28 - 01:48 (Train R33648)

01:48 - 02:08 (Train R33650)

02:20 - 02:40 (Train R33642)

02:50 - 03:10 (Train R33652)

03:20 - 03:40 (Train R33644)

These are direct trains with NO intermediate stops.

Departure from IMOLA - Arrival in RIMINI

Stops at FAENZA, FORLÌ, CESENA - Train NT-1

Imola 00:43 - Faenza 00:53 - Forlì 01:03 - Cesena 01:15 - Rimini 01:38



Several misting points and water cannons are planned to cool down the audience in case of excessive heat.

400 WC inside the concert area. 90 outside on the routes connecting the car parks and the railway station.