ALESTORM: Captain Christopher Bowes' crew lands at Zaiet Fest

From the deepest depths of the seven seas come the Alestorm! The appointment is Sunday 11 June at the Casaleno Stadium in Frosinone for the Zaiet Fest. The concert has free admission.

The Alestorm I am Captain Christopher Bowes voice and keytar, Máté Bodor on guitars, Gareth Murdock to the bass, Elliot Vernon on keyboards and Peter Alcorn on drums. From eastern Scotland, the Alestorm have increasingly evolved from a local band to an international machine capable of conquering the top of the charts and festival audiences around the world in a very short time, under the banner of Pirate Metal. The crew managed to convince thousands of people that it is really cool to put on a pirate hat and start singing!

Now, the heavy metal cry of the pirates Alestorm is back and the band is already ready for the release of their fifth record, No Grave But The Sea. The album will be released vFriday 26 May for Napalm RecordsThis is a project full of epic pirate songs, drinking and pseudo-scientific maps. No other band in the galaxy is capable of creating such anthems mixing epic, folk and metal: distorted guitars, harmonic keyboard solos, thunderous power metal majesty and modern metal riffs combine to create the perfect soundtrack for the most epic battles of our lives.




Sunday 11 June 2017

Frosinone, Zaiet Fest - Casaleno Stadium

Free admission