More unmissable stops on the GIORGIENESS tour

The tour of Giorgienessin view of the release of the new album 'Siamo Tutti Stanchi', is enriched with new dates. Here are all the confirmed dates:


Sat 28 October 2017 - MODENA - Vibra @MÀT

Sat 4 November 2017 - GROSSETO - Faq Music Live

Sat 2 December 2017 - FRATTAMAGGIORE (NA) - SoundMusic Club

Thu 7 December 2017 - PADUA - Circolo Mame

Sat 16 December 2017 - MILAN - Santeria Social Club

Sat 13 January 2018 - MANTOVA - Arci Tom

Fri 26 Jan 2018 - SANT'EGIDIO ALLA VIBRATA (TE) - Dejavu

Sat 27 Jan 2017 - FLORENCE - Tender


After the release of Magnets, the new single from the album, can be heard in streaming preview on Rolling Stone Italia "We are all tired', to be released on 20 October by Woodworm/Audioglobe.

Calamite was recorded, produced and mixed by Davide Lasala at Edac Studio of Fino Mornasco (CO) and mastered by John Versari.

With the new track, the singer-songwriter Giorgia D'Eraclea as the leader of his Giorgieness, continues the process of growth both in terms of musical composition and words. An emblematic track of the new album: open, direct and full of sound and textual suggestions, Magnets fully demonstrates the growth and evolution made by the band in the last year and a half spent on the road (over 100 dates in just over a year!) with the amazing debut "The Right Distance".

"Siamo Tutti Stanchi" shows a compositional growth that still keeps Giorgieness in the territories of Italian rock, where words and music have the same importance and weight within the songs. Then there is the voice of Giorgia D'Eraclea which is a little pop-soul miracle lent to rock and its facets.

The new Giorgieness album represents a new chapter for the band: a perfect balance between visceral rock energy and a more solid and mature sound, constantly searching for a new space through the voice and vocal harmonies of Giorgie d'Eraclea. "I chose this title because it reflects the historical period in which we live: physical tiredness, tiredness from dark circles under the eyes, but also and above all the mental tiredness that comes from the fear of failure. - explains Giorgie of Heracleavoice and leader of the band. He continues: "The record is a sort of ode to fallibility, understood as a natural tendency to make mistakes, from which, if one has the will and the strength, one can learn to destroy oneself. and then rebuild. Fear of failure, also understood as fear of judgement and especially of the sense of humiliation that follows.".

Giorgie d'Eraclea has stepped into adulthood. Unlike the first record, where she told and "screamed" what she was living in that moment with the typical anger of 20 years old, now, with the lucidity of memory, she goes beyond: "The deeper meaning is again something selfish and private, a talk with myself to really tell myself what I feel and how I feel it. However, I was able to start from personal experiences to talk about broader topics and social issues that cannot leave us indifferent".

Fans attentive to both the powerful sound the band generates in live performances and the words and voice of Giorgie who strikes at the head-heart-belly of those who find themselves in front of her 'armed' with a microphone!

Giorgieness live and in the studio are: Giorgie D'Eraclea (vocals and guitars), Davide Lasala (guitars and piano), Andrea De Poi (bass), Lou Capozzi (drums)