The Magnolia in Milan will host Andrea Nardinocchi's first live concert of summer 2013 on 3 July. The singer-producer, born in 1986, will present songs from his album 'Il Momento Perfetto' on stage accompanied by guitarist Placido Salamone and his ever-present digital instruments, launchpad and midi controller.

When in summer 2012 Andrea Nardinocchi posted the video of his debut single 'Un posto per me' (, a track that made him known to the public, industry insiders and critics in just a few months, his nature as a 'mutant' singer-songwriter, unique in his ability to mix digital technology, soulful vein and Italian melody, was immediately clear. As 2012 closed with an exclusive live set for Vevo's Italian debut ( and 2013 opens with his participation at the 63rd Sanremo Festival where he presents his second single 'Storia Impossibile', Nardinocchi fluctuates between various musical worlds: he opens the Milan concert of acclaimed multimedia artist Woodkid, duets with Giuliano Sangiorgi for the Generazione XL festival and signs the remix of Max Gazzè's new single 'I Tuoi maledettissimi impegni'.

Andrea Nardinocchi, a communicative, eclectic and passionate artist with a keen sense of experimentation in the refinement of a modern and personal expressive style, has just released 'Persi Insieme', the third single from his debut album. 'This song,' says Nardinocchi, 'was born by making a collage of many photographs from my childhood mixed together. This song, like all the others on the album, arrived like this, all together in my mind, from the memory of the apron I had at primary school and the words of the teachers 'too distracted even though he studies a lot''.

"Un posto per me", "Storia Impossibile" and "Persi insieme" are part of the debut album "IL MOMENTO PERFETTO", published by Giada Mesi on the Capitol label last February, which contains nine other new songs signed by Andrea himself (lyrics and music): "Il Momento Perfetto", "Le Labbra Screpolate", "Non Mi Lascio Stare", "Bisogno Di Te" (, "Con Uno Sguardo", "Amare Qualcuno", "Come Stai". In addition to Danti of Two Fingerz in the track "Le pareti" (, the album features the participation of one of the main exponents of the Italian hip hop world, Marracash, with whom Nardinocchi duets in "Tu Sei Pazzo".

Wednesday 3 July at Milan's Magnolia will be the first date of a live tour - produced by Barley Arts - that will take Nardinocchi on a number of prestigious festivals during the summer of 2013, including the "Terme Taurine Festival" in Civitavecchia (2 August), in which musicians of the calibre of Stefano Bollani, Nicola Piovani, Motel Connection and others will take part on other evenings. Before him, Denise, a versatile electropop singer-songwriter who will take us into her artistic universe, in which 'everything is the opposite of everything', will take the stage at the Magnolia.

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