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I Die Ärzte are a German punk rock band from Berlin, formed in 1982 The band initially consisted of Bela B., Farin Urlaub and Sahnie. The latter already in the band's early years decided to go his own way and so was succeeded in the band by Hagen Liebling, called the incredible HagenHowever, he never really became part of the group. After numerous vicissitudes, 'Die Ärzte' was forced to split up in 1989 and its members created new groups such as Depp Jones and the Rainbirds. In 1993, the band reformed with a new bass player, Rod, who continues to be a member. In their long career, they have recorded over twenty albums. In November 2007, they released an album that brought them back into the limelight entitled Jazz ist andersfrom which the single Junge released on 5 October and two other singles, Lasse redn e Lied vom scheitern. This band calls itself in German '.Die Beste Band Der Welt'or 'the best band in the world'.

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