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Gianluca Grignani

Gianluca Grignani is an Italian singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer. He has sold a total of around 5 million records certified by FIMI, including a diamond record (Destination Paradiseone of the best-selling albums of 1995), four platinum records (The plastic factory, Lying on a cloud, Equal and different, The king of nothing), and two gold discs (Popcorn fields, Romantic Rock Show). In 2013 through a survey by the magazine Rolling Stone, The plastic factory was declared the best Italian rock song. He has won numerous prizes and awards, including a Telegatto, the Grolla d'oro for cinema in Saint Vincent for the soundtrack to the film What will become of usthe Mia Martini Award, the Barocco Prize and three times the Lunezia Prize for the musical-literary value of his albums. Since his debut, both for his music and for the poetics of his lyrics, he has been considered one of the main exponents of the generational restlessness of the 1990s, earning him the appellation of cursed poet. Thanks to his unconventional works, he was already considered one of the pillars of Italian rock music in the early years of his career. He is nicknamed 'The Joker' by his fans, from the eponymous track on the album Popcorn fields.

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