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Are you familiar with drag queen? We could call them mythological creatures, half human and half Raffaella Carrà. The Karma B are known for their spectacularly scenic and artistically high-level performances and TV appearances, so much so that they were chosen by Immanuel Casto for the launch of his latest single Full. Le Karma B are also spokesperson for the Italian LGBTQI+ community in the world. After a busy TV season as a guest on the programme Propaganda Liveand looking forward to a big announcement that will see the duo landing soon on Raiuno, the Karma B are ready to debut live in style on stages all over Italy. A unique and unconventional live showfull of music, theatre and entertainment. From the great classics of pop music to new songs premiered live, the divas will be on hand to share their experiences. Karma B are ready to surprise you with that extra something.

IMMANUEL CASTO + Karma B - Padova, Italy

Music Park Via Venezia

IMMANUEL CASTO announces the first live dates of his summer tour produced by Freak&Chic and Barley Arts, in addition to the Milan concert on June 12. A return [...]