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I Maybeshewill formed in 2005 in Leicester and released four albums, characterised by the use of electronic elements alongside guitar, bass and drums, and the frequent use of film samples; these features have led the press to compare the ensemble to Sigur Rós e 65daysofstatic. The band has described their sound as '.instrumental rock with some electronics"while the webzine Drowned in Sound calls their music '.as if the Mogwai had found love in an art-house cinema and had been hit over the head with a keyboard". In 2015 they announced their retirement from the scene and embarked on a farewell tour that saw them perform on stage at the Circolo Magnolia on 24 March 2016. Two years later, they reformed at the express request of the frontman of the Cures Robert Smith to play to his Meltdown Festivaland in 2021 they decided to resume operations and start working on new material for the first time in seven years.

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