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Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare

La Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare was founded in 1970 with the precise aim of spreading the authentic values of the tradition of the people of Campania. The extraordinary success of the group at the Spoleto Festival in 1972 and 1974 marked its international launch: since then the NCCP has repeatedly participated in all the most important festivals in Europe and overseas. The group has alternated its musical activities with theatrical ones, promoting and participating in numerous shows: The Shepherds' Cantata, Zeza's song, The Cinderella Cat, The Royal Pearl, Sona sona... For this reason Eduardo de Filippo wanted them to be guests in his theatre, the San Ferdinando in Naples. On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare released the double CD 50 years in good companyfrom which the new show, which has toured several Italian cities, takes its title. 2019 opens with a new tour Earth Souls which took NCCP around Italy again, to festivals and concerts, alternating with studio work on the release of a new CD. The following year began with the presentation of the album Naples 1534. Between Moorish and VillanelleThis latest work, highly appreciated by Italian and foreign critics, was directed by the late Corrado Sfogli, artistic director of the NCCP. Training: Fausta Vetere - vocals and guitar Gianni Lamagna - vocals Carmine Bruno - percussion, frame drums and tammorra Marino Sorrentino - accordion, trumpet and flute Michele Signore - violin, mandoloncello, lyra pontiaca Pasquale Ziccardi - vocals and bass guitar Umberto Maisto - classical guitar, bouzouky and mandolin


Piazza Duomo / Messina Piazza Duomo, Messina

We are pleased to be able to announce the beginning of our collaboration with the historic Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, and the first dates that will bring them on stage next summer. The [...]