Perduto Amor / Homage to Franco Battiato

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Perduto Amor / Homage to Franco Battiato

The show is a concert dedicated to the most beloved part of the discography of Franco Battiato. The years of overwhelming success that preluded The era of the white boarfirst album co-arranged and co-produced with Alberto Radius. With the latter Franco Battiato scored several albums including Up Patriots to Arms and had its definitive consecration with The voice of the fatherne. The concert takes its name from the first film by Franco Battiatoentitled Perdutoamorwhich reconstructs a very specific period in Milan in the 1960s and 1970s, in which Battiato went from the 'romantic phase' to the electronic research phase, in an elite group of artists including RadiusGaber, De André, Baptists and many others. Unmissable hits such as Permanent centre of gravity o White Flagalready reproposed in 2001 by the Protective Custodywith Ettore Diliberto in duet with the same Battiato.   A BAND, 4 VOICES, A VIOLIN The band is the historical Protective Custody, with over 3700 concerts to his credit and collaborations with the entire Italian scene, with the voice Ettore Diliberto. Another entry in the show is that of Francesca De Boniswith several tracks published by Universal, concerts with Mogol, Eric Burdon, and the same Radius. One more voice to interpret Battiatois that of Roberta Di Lorenzosinger-songwriter with several albums to her credit, produced by Eugenio Finardiauthor of the song And you call it God brought to you by Finardi at Sanremo Festival. A male voice in addition to that of Diliberto will be that of Andrea Belfiori, a multifaceted artist with several albums to his credit, including the recent I Like distributed by Universal in 2019. The violin of Anais Drago will not fail to impress. He made his debut in the Guitar Night and then became the violinist of Last, will punctuate the concert with his virtuosity and acrobatics. The show is produced by Et-Team by Ettore Diliberto and by Alberto Radius.


Milan is Alive Piazza Castello, Milan

On Friday, 26 August 2022, the courtyard of Milan's Castello Sforzesco will host Perduto Amor - Omaggio a Franco Battiato (Lost Love - A tribute to Franco Battiato), a show that Alberto Radius and [...].