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Roberta Di Lorenzo

Roberta, an Apulian singer-songwriter, has three unreleased albums to her credit and a long list of collaborations, starting with Eugenio Finardi, her discoverer for whom she wrote 'E tu lo chiami Dio' (And you call him God), a song that landed at the Sanremo festival in 2012 to great public and critical acclaim. He studied piano and opera singing and made his debut in the world of music by joining the vocal group 'L'una e cinque'. In 2007, Eugenio Finardi chose her as a supporter for the live tours of the following two seasons, with whom she began a long artistic association that led to the production of the his debut album 'L' Occhio della Luna'. In 2010, he was nominated for the 'PremioTenco'. in the First Works category. In the same year, he won the 'Premio Lunezia' for the musical and literary value of his debut album 'L'occhiodellaluna'. In 2011, she won the 'Targa Via del Campo' and was among the finalists at the 'Bianca D'Aponte' Prize with the song 'Capitano'. In the same year, her song "Luce da un faro" was included in the compilation "La leva cantautorale degli "Anni zero"", promoted by MEI and Club Tenco and containing several songs by emerging singer-songwriters. In 2012, he released 'Su questo Piano che si chiama Terra', produced by brothers Pino and Lino Nicolosi, an album containing 'E tu lo chiami Dio', a song for which he wrote lyrics and music, competing at the Sanremo Festival that same year. Duets with Andrea Mirò, Alberto Fortis and the Sonohra stand out. April saw the release of 'Si chiama Libertà', a single by Sonohra, the lyrics of which bear the signature of the singer-songwriter . As part of their album 'La storia parte da qui', Roberta also wrote the lyrics for 'Ciò che vuoi' and the title track 'La storia parte da qui', co-written with Eugenio Finardi. In May, Sonohra's new single entitled 'Continuerò' went into radio rotation. which once again bears Roberta's signature. In June, she signed an exclusive deal as songwriter and composer, with Roberto Mancinelli, for Sony/Atv Music Publishing Italy. In September of the same year, she supports the initiative promoted by Premio Lunezia for the flood victims in the Aulla area, writing the song 'Notturno', interpreted by Loredana D'Anghera and contained in the album 'Fiori di Loto', alongside names such as
Mogol, Mario Lavezzi, Bungaro, Marco Ongaro. In December, a freedownload Christmas compilation was released by Mescalina.it containing the song 'Tutti i sogni' written for the occasion. On 28 May 2013, the production "Moderato Cantabile-Duras mon amour"- a musical reading dedicated to Marguerite Duras, narrator Milena Vukotic, music, singing and piano by Roberta Di Lorenzo, directed by Roberto Piana, was announced with the Teatro Stabile and Circolo dei Lettori of Turin, to be staged in spring 2014. In 2014, the video clip of "POLSI", a song written against feminicide, awarded by Senator Josefa Idem, inspirer of the Letta Decree against gender violence, was presented at "Mei". On 8 March of the same year, she was received at the Quirinale by the President of the Republic, where she was recognised for her commitment in music for the fight against violence against women. In January, 'Esaurimento da Web' was published, in which Roberta ironically interprets four stereotypes of Network addicts. In 2015, she released her third album of new songs entitled 'Adesso guardami' with the artistic production of Paolo Iafelice, anticipated by the single 'Scelgo una Destinazione'. Roberta is the first in Italy to use a pre-order campaign on the MusicRaiser platform. In May, the new single by Sonohra, entitled 'Continuero', bearing Roberta's signature, goes into radio rotation. In 2016 she is the creator and presenter of "Salotto di Roberta" at the Suoneria della Musica in Settimo Torinese. Among the guests she interviews and duets with during the evenings are Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi , Alberto Fortis and Marco Ferradini. Guest of some important events such as the Mantua Music Festival, Venice String and Naturalmente Pianoforte. He is Antonella Ruggero's supporter on some stages of her tour in the same year. In 2016, he met and collaborated with Giorgio Cordini, with whom he shared the stage several times, proposing unreleased pieces and reinterpretations of songs by Italian authors. Since 2017, he has been collaborating with Guido Guglielminetti, historic bass player and producer of De Gregori, in the realisation of new projects, founding the group 'I viaggiatori'. She is currently working on her fourth album, full of Mediterranean sounds and very different from her previous works, with the collaboration of Erasmo Petringa, who co-curated the arrangements with her.

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