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Grandson of the star of the Arab world Moharam Fouad, the young man grows up surrounded by art: his mother, a Flemish anthropologist, baptises him Tamino in honour of one of the characters from The Magic Flute of Mozart and makes him discover Serge Gainsbourg, Tom Waits, Oum Kalthoum, Jeff Buckley e Ben Howardartists who end up inspiring his music, a unique and dreamlike blend of East and Europe. His first album Amir goes out for Communion Recordsdragged by the single Habibiwhich makes him the protagonist of De Nieuwe Lichting, a showcase programme for new talent on the Belgian national broadcaster. Produced by PJ Maertens e Jo Franckendebut album Amir attracted media attention to the Egyptian and Lebanese-born musician, who gained eighth place on The Independent's Albums of the Year listwhich decrees the forty best albums of 2018 according to the magazine Independent. It was not only the media that were attracted to the 22-year-old: not even twelve months after his debut album, Tamino sees in his band Colin Greenwood of Radiohead and has performed with the likes of Lana Del Reycaptured by his ability to set different emotions to music: from love to desolation.

Born in the flat of Tamino in Antwerp and supported by collaborators including the bassist of the Radiohead Colin Greenwoodthe producer PJ Maertens and the drummer Ruben Vanhouttethe second album Sahar is a powerful album that mixes Arabic folk and experimental indie rock with orchestral arrangements. In Sahar Tamino revisits the Arabic oud - the favourite instrument of his grandfather Muharram Fouad, one of Egypt's most famous singers and actors - to make it a suitable instrument for indie rock. The way the oud blends with his voice creates a rich, layered and haunting soundscape. Sahar becomes the place where Jeff Buckley's tragic romanticism meets a cosmopolitan and universalist aesthetic sensibility, a mixture of European, American and Middle Eastern influences.


TAMINO - Milan

Alcatraz via Valtellina, 25

At the end of 2019 he had touched down in Italy with two concerts in Rome and Milan, the latter sold out in advance. Now the highly acclaimed Belgian singer-songwriter of Egyptian origin Tamino announces a new series [...]

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