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Since the release of the first single Meat Abstract in 1990, the Therapy? have survived all kinds of messes: a peace process, seven labels, three drummers and a cellist, as well as witnessing the spread of mobile phones and personal computers, the internet, the introduction of wifi, the creation of a single European currency, the rise and fall of baggy jeans, grunge, britpop, nu metal and emo. During all this, they published fifteen albums and sold over three million copies with several hits, have collaborated with a myriad of artists including Ozzy Osbourne e David Holmes and toured the world many times. In the midst of all this confusion they continued to cultivate their singular vision with determination and wit, even making friends. The band intended to celebrate the last thirty years in all their bitter glory, anxiously waiting to see what other historical events would unfold around them. I Therapy? actually celebrated their 30th birthday with the publication of Greatest Hits (2020 Versions)an album made up of very special versions of their UK Top 40 singles and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studiostogether with producer Chris Sheldon; they also published the band's official biography, written by Simon Young. The year 2022 sees the band engaged in the revival of the tour So Much for the 30 Year Plan and with a series of festivals on the calendar, as well as a sixteenth album to be released later this year, and has no intention of slowing down.

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