Benvenuta RINKY TINKY JAZZ ORCHESTRA: ecco le prime date a Milano e Roma!

After participating in the first Comfort Festival™️ in Ferrara, we are pleased to announce the addition to the team of Rinky Tinky Jazz Orchestra and its first dates: Tuesday 19 October 2021 at the Blue Note in Milan e Friday 22 October at the Stazione Birra in Rome. I tickets are available on venue sites, and it will soon be possible to purchase those for the Milan date on Ticketone e Mailticket.

La Rinky Tinky Jazz Orchestra was born in 2016 from the desire of Giuseppe Russo to combine three aspects that are often not found in contemporary music: the high quality of the music played, the best stages on which to perform around the world, and a fun and enjoyable experience for the audience and the musicians themselves. La Rinky Tinky Jazz Orchestra is a group of professional musicians from different geographical, chronological and musical backgrounds. From Milan to Catania on the way to Rome and Florence, the members' musical backgrounds are heterogeneous; starting from a classical base, each artist shares their qualities and skills to create something new. From these principles, the desire to export Italian culture all over the world. The three arrangers of the orchestra: Stefano Ciuffi, Federico Ferrandina, Ambrogio Frigeriowith their different styles and approaches to jazz music, have given the Rinky Tinky Jazz Orchestra the ability to range between different musical genres without losing its own unique sound.

In December 2019, the Dreamers, the ensemble's first disc, played and recorded live, which brings together four original compositions and six great classics of Italian music and songwriting, completely rearranged.

Second disc out 15 October 2021 Ready for Another Universerepresentation of the ensemble's artistic evolution. In the new disc the focus shifts to the uniqueness of the styles signed Rinky Tinky Jazz Orchestramore structured, more specific styles. Seven unreleased tracks in English and only two Italian covers.

The ensemble is ready to embark on a long journey to bring good music around Italy. We look forward to it!




Tuesday 19 October 2021

Milan, Blue Note - via Pietro Borsieri, 37

Concert starts at 20:30

Single seat: € 22.00 + prev.

Tickets available at, Ticketone e Mailticket.


Friday 22 October 2021

Rome, Stazione Birra - via Placanica, 172

Single seat: € 15.00 + prev.

Concert starts at 21:30

Tickets available at