I Birdpen are a duo formed by Dave Penformer member of the British trip-hop collective the Archiveand by Mike Bird. The band will come to Italy for a single Italian date in Rome on 13 February 2014 at Planetrockand will present tracks from the second album 'Global Lows".

The album, released in 2012, follows the first self-produced full-length "On/Off/Safety/Danger", which has garnered praise from underground critics and has seen the band touring across Europe for the past 3 years. Recorded and mixed in the vintage atmosphere of EVE Studios in Stockport under the guidance of producer Jim Spencer (The Horrors, New Order, The Charlatans, Oasis, The Cribs, Johnny Marr and Echo and the Bunnymen), "Global Lows"is an energetic album with an intense and rough sound texture, combining current technologies with an analogue approach.

In the words of the artists themselves, "Global Lows" is "an album inspired by what happens inside and outside of us (...). Songs about how the human soul can be easily manipulated, following false profits to the path of destruction, loneliness, war, corruption, science fiction and heartbreak, claustrophobia, paranoia, loss, lies and truth, and a glimpse into a world that reveals itself to us without us having any control over it'.

Dave Pen continues to collaborate with the Archive, the UK trip-hop collective active since the 1990s that combines political engagement with sonic experimentation, and which has sold out numerous times at major European venues. The artist also contributed to the soundtrack of the film "Metro Manilla"winner of a World Cinema Dramatic audience award at the last Sundance Film Festival.

Details of the Italian date:



Thursday 13 February 2014

Rome, Planetrock c/o Planet (ex-Alpheus)

Via del Commercio, 36

Tickets € 12,00 + d.p.

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