Picking up a piece of the Depeche Mode (a deeply Depeche Mode like 'John The Revelator'dark, tense, architecture suspended between gothic, silicon gospel and blues).
Deconstruct it. Empty it, preserving its soul in a casket. Reconstruct it surgically. Step by step. Recreating its dark and disturbing soul by first working by subtraction. Then make it grow slowly, with the box in four becoming more and more insinuating and layers upon layers beginning to intertwine. Give it an airy vertigo. Lead it to a definitive, take-no-prisoners crescendo.
On the other hand, becoming the first Italian DJ officially called by Depeche Mode to remix one of their tracks is no small honour. So, for this operation together with a company of absolute world prestige (Tiefschwarz, the U.N.K.L.E. project.: the electronic elite of these years) Boostain his identity that sees him not only the keyboardist of the Subsonica but also a dancefloor scientist both as a DJ and as a producer, demonstrates that he has a touch and a line of action that is as personal as it is effective, continuing along the line already taken recently with little gems such as 'Alice' and 'Love Pills' very special encounters between tech-house, electro, suspended atmospheres and sinisterly dreamy melodies.
This soundscape is what awaits the audience at the Flippaut 2006 when Friday 21 July BOOSTA will take the stage at the Irdoscalo