Building on the success that 'How you really are"third track from his latest album 'No Concept"(Ricordi/SonyBmg Music Entertainment) and soundtrack of the TV commercial, shot by Spike Leefor the BMW 3 Series Touring, Giovanni Allevi will be a guest (without performing) on 'Quelli che il calcio' on Sunday 22 January.

In addition to the eagerly awaited concert at Blue Note New Yorkwhere it will return on 15 May, after the double 'sold out' recorded on 6 March 2005, Until summer 2006, Giovanni Allevi will be engaged in the concert activity and promotion abroad of 'No Concept', then in September he will enter the recording studio to make a new album of unreleased compositions that will be released in autumn (also from Ricordi/SonyBmg Music Entertainment).

Waiting for the final tour schedule, these are the first concert dates that the pianist and composer from the Marche region will hold in 2006: the 3 February afternoon concert (6.30 pm) at the Conservatorio 'San Pietro a Maiella' in Naples, 25 February in Modena, 12 March in Camerino (MC), 26 March in Ancona.

2005 was a year that Giovanni Allevi experienced as a protagonist: in addition to his success at the Blue Note in New York, his solo piano album 'No Concept' was released on 20 May and immediately received considerable public and critical acclaim (and also an international connotation since it was released by SonyBMG Music Entertainment in Germany and South Korea and will soon be released in other countries).

Graduated in Piano with top marks at the Conservatorio 'F. Morlacchi' in Perugia and in Composition with top marks at the Conservatorio 'G. Verdi' in Milan and graduated with honours in Philosophy with the thesis 'Il vuoto nella Fisica Contemporanea' (The Void in Contemporary Physics), Giovanni Allevi reworks the European classical tradition by opening it up to new pop and contemporary trends.

The thirteen tracks ('Go with the flow', 'Ciprea', 'How you really are', 'Take me', 'I write to you', 'Queen of crystals', 'Obsession', 'Suspended in time', 'Your hands', 'Here dance', 'Night in Harlem', 'Hidden thoughts', 'Breath (a meditation)') of 'No Concept' are a demonstration of this.

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