Dolcenera - The versatile singer-songwriter announces the first dates of the 3 in 1 Tour with Barley Arts

We are pleased to announce that Dolcenera has joined the Barley Arts family and its first scheduled appointments for the 3 Tours in 1full band, piano solo recital and accompanied by a symphony orchestra, confirming his eclecticism.

Saturday 18 March - Lucera (FG), Opera Theatre with the Melos Orchestra
Friday 31 March - Legnago (VR), Teatro Salieri piano solo recital
Saturday 6 May, Albenga (SV), Su La Testa Festival / Teatro Ambra piano solo recital
Wednesday 10 May - Vieste (FG), Piazza Marina Piccola full band

Pianist and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, with an approach, to music as in life, that is histrionic, enthusiastic, but also, given her studies in engineering, methodical and orthodox.
Each of her piano performances has always highlighted her special qualities that make her unique on the musical scene: the chiaroscuro of her singing and her piano playing, the ability to improvise vocally, the rock-blues touch in her voice, the sensitivity in emphasising emotions.
Those who have seen her live several times are continually amazed by her improvisational skills that make each of her performances surprisingly different.
Her fans consider her to be even better live than on records, which makes her smile because Dolcenera knows that she is a so-called stage animal, a definition that is proof for an artist to be 'real'.

Her musical history, which this year celebrates 20 years, has been studded with numerous awards, major live concerts that have seen her on piano and vocal tours in theatres in France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, China and Germany (where she has released no less than three albums) and several times as a guest of Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, Deep Purple and Depeche Mode for the opening of their concerts in Italian stadiums, and prestigious duets, published on his albums, not only with artists of the calibre of Claudio Baglioni, Loredana Bertè, Patti Smith and young artists such as Lazza, but also in international collaborations in the South American adaptation of the hit song Il mio amore unico performed by the leading Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman and in the duet on the notes of the hit Read All About It with Professor Green.

In her Piano Solo Recital, the artist will not only perform her evergreens such as Mai più noi due, Com è straordinaria la vita, Il mio amore unico, Ci vediamo a casa, Amaremare, Calliope, but also some covers of international artists, mentioned in her recent podcast (Una canzone Una storia- psicografia di un artista femminile), who changed the history of music such as Nina Simone, and Italian artists whose depth of writing accompanied her in the musical world such as Vasco Rossi and De André.
Dolcenera is a free artist whom many define as 'differently pop', failing to categorise her... and perhaps this is just a sign of her great personality, a personality that has been fascinated by so many musical cultures in her recording career and that is revealed and exalted live, in a journey/concert on the piano in which no song is ever simply an acoustic version.