Where will you buy your ticket for the concert of Bruce Springsteen ? At which appointment of the Conservatory Season you can't miss it? We'll have pizza before the concert of Steve Earle ? How do I book concert tickets? When does Pinco Pallo come to play in Italy?

From today, all these questions have their own multimedia container created on the Barley Arts website, the Section Community.

Here, live music fans can find a meeting point in the FORUMwhere each user can post their messages, while waiting for the concert and in the company of people they will meet on the evening of the event. Also active are the Topics "Help Me" where Barley Arts staff will answer your questions, and a special "Wish List" where you can push a particular artist you would like to see play in Italy.

And that's not all: the CHAT where you can exchange views in real time, and also the COMPETITION where every week it will be possible to win CDs, T-shirts, and maybe those already sold-out concert tickets.

The section ARTICLES where you can post your review of the concert, or some story related to it. The best ones will be published on the site and awarded prizes.

Entry to the Community is reserved for Barley Club members. Membership is totally free, and can be freely removed when the user sees fit.

Good Community.