The Marla Singers come from Siena and are the new product of the ArteNativa label, distributed by Venus. The name is taken from a character from Fight Club, the film by David Fincher, a girl who has lost her temporal meaning and unconditionally lives her time, losing herself in extremes, in being an angel and a demon, seamlessly.

The Marla Singers are KEPKE (voice), COSIMO (guitars), ALE (low), MILLO DJ FLAT (keyboards and samples) and MARCO (battery).

The first self-titled album will be released on 29 Octoberand was produced by Luca 'Pen' Pernici. The Marla Singers are expected on stage at the M.E.I. of Faenza (27 and 28 November).

'Without Light and Colour', the first single from MARLA SINGER, together with various trivia about the band, are now available on major Italian websites: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You can listen to the mp3 in the Barley Boxes here on the right (press Play and wait a few seconds). If you would instead like to see the video (and some sneak peeks of the album tracks) click here
'Without Light and Colour' anticipates the release of the first record work by a few months, and the video is already in rotation on MTV and All Music. The entire chapter will have the peculiarity of expressing hidden emotions, the duality that clashes and produces high-voltage sound discharges. The dualism of sound is also reflected in the group's members: Kepke and Ale, the group's vocalist and bassist respectively, are at twinsseemingly similar but characteristically divergent.

Marla Singer play rock, for what it means. They play crossover, for what it means. Marla Singer is a sound, for what it means. Single-portion definitions. They just play, for what it means.