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GARBO - Florence

It will start from Milan the celebratory tour of the forty years since the release of In Berlin... all right, disc signed Garbounique, remaining recognisable and unchanged over time; time that straddles itself ends and a millennium begins with vertiginous and imperturbable steps, a passage full of anaesthetised sensuality and decadence. The past is futuristic, the future is drenched in urgency and imminent endings. And one keeps asking: "what day is it?"

Milan like Berlin: humid, Central European atmospheres. It is for EMI Italy that the 21 September 1981 Garbo released his debut work, an album that thirty-one years later would gain important recognition, earning the 55th position in the All The Times by Rolling Stone among the one hundred most influential records of Italian music; according to the magazine, the album also made it into the Top Ten list of the fundamental records of the New Wave genre - a movement that was almost unknown and undefined in Italy at the time.

The same day in 1981 coincides with another legendary release with Franco Battiato publishing The master's voicealso for EMI. And it is thanks to the demo of In Berlin... that the talented young Garbo does not go unnoticed by the Maestro, who chooses him to accompany him. He will open for him all the dates of the three-month promotional tour of The master's voice.

Forty dense, intense and non-stop years, which with the new tour are returned from the stage to the audience by Garbo in duo with Eugene - eclectic performer, international excellence in the field of music production, unmistakable musician/singer with countless illustrious collaborations. All of this in an unprecedented electronic key, including other tracks from the artist's 80's repertoire.

Music but also anecdotes and words that will accompany the audience on each stage of the new tour, to relive and experience the impalpable magic made up of light and shadow that marks the history and symbolism of Berlin; the capital of Europe split in half, the sexy capital of Europe in its mischievous and somewhat rumpled dress, the welcoming breast for so many other artists and so many other stories just as it was for Garbo.



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Puccini Theatre

via delle Cascine, 41
Florence, 50144 Italy