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Il Muro del Canto 2023

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Only a few days before the first concert in 2023, Thursday 19 January at MONK in Rome, Il Muro del Canto confirmation of others two dates of presentation of Mistralreleased in June by Rare/Distant Flowers Believe: Saturday 4 March at Scumm in Pescara e Saturday 25 March at the Lumière in Pisa. I tickets for the show of Pescara are available on iTicketswhile those of Pisa are on sale at Saysthose for the stage of Rome are still available on Ticketone e Ticketmaster. To access the concert of Pescara the ARCI card.

Mistral is an album marked by change, from the new label Rare Flowers who will support the band in this adventure, to the successful grafting of guitarist Franco Pietropaoliwho also handled the studio production of the record.

Artistically, the band also presents several innovations: for the first time Alessandro Pieravanti, usually narrator and drums, offers two songs sung and, as in a game of swapping roles, Daniele Coccia Paifelman reads the introduction. Alessandro Marinelliwhich we are used to seeing on the accordion, in Mistral often sits at the keyboards.

The songs were composed, arranged and played in open country, between 2020 and 2022: this choice had a major influence on the form and content of the new material on offer. Mistral is steeped in air, fire, water and earth. Man and his freedom are the fulcrum around which the images and characters of the twelve stories on offer revolve. The relationship of the human being with life and nature thus becomes a red thread that binds the songs of Mistral. The title itself emphasises how it is a wind-driven record, which brings good weather and which etymologically is thought to be taken from the appellation given to the city pointed by the north-westerly wind rose: Roma Magister Mundi.

Il Muro del Canto are Daniele Coccia Paifelman (voice), Alessandro Pieravanti (narrator and drums), Eric Caldironi (acoustic guitar), Ludovico Lamarra (electric bass), Franco Pietropaoli (electric guitar) and Alessandro Marinelli (accordion).


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Splinter Club

Piazza Bruno Mora, 11/a