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After the glories of the tour that in recent months has seen him reinterpret the songs that made him famous together with Romina Falconi and a chamber ensemble, Immanuel Casto returns to the stages of Italian theatres with They weren't jokesa meta-comic monologue which develops themes from the world of communication often addressed by the artist on his social channels.

"'That wasn't a joke' is a phrase I find myself having to say often," he explains Casto. "In particular, whenever I say something that is unintentionally comical, perhaps because of the lapidary wording or the literal use of language I use. It is true that, with time, I started to use humour (especially the blacker kind) intentionally, making it part of my work, but there are still very frequent occasions when I repeat that phrase.

That is why, stepping out of my own musical dimension for the first time, I wrote a meta-comic show, dedicated to the great 'secrets' of communication that I have deciphered over decades of observation, only to discover that for others they were... obvious!

Speaking of discoveries: it was a wonderful surprise for me to realise that my audience is also interested in hearing me develop reasoning, whereas I thought that my tendency to rationalise would alienate them from my performances (and from me). This also gave me the desire to make this bet, which in some ways emphasises aspects of me that I thought I had to repress.

Special packages are also available which, in addition to the show ticket, include a meet & greet with Immanuel Casto.


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Vicolo del Tidi, 6
Pisa, 56126 Italy