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Milow - Tyrol

Six years after his last visit, Milow returns to Italy for a summer date to present his latest album Nice To Meet You (Homerun Records, 2022): Friday 28 July 2023 at the Event Park in Tirol (BZ). Tickets are already available on Ticketone.

Starting with the 2009 album Milowdragged along by the cover of the planetary hit  Ayo Technology, Jonathan Vandenbroeck has become known for his ability to translate personal experiences into the form of universal anthems. For the singer-songwriter, an album becomes almost a friend to turn to, whether in times of reflection or to celebrate a milestone. Songs comfort, console, and instil confidence. When necessary, they become a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on. Milow's entire discography is infused with a great sense of empathy, with tracks that speak of particular situations with the candour of a late-night conversation with the closest of friends, such as the latest single Never Too Latepublished only a few days ago.


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Hauptstr. 31
Tyrol, 39019 Italy