Yesterday, Michael Eavis, patron of the historic festival in Glanstonbury (UK), made a statement regarding the introduction in the next edition of the festival (scheduled for the end of June) of the Silent Discothe revolutionary silent disco system. "It was my daughter Emily who came up with this solution. Using headphones we can go on with the music late into the night and without breaking the law," reported the veteran promoter. "This is the first time we've tried this, I'm interested to see how it works."

The premiere of the Silent Disco will instead be presented at the Flippaut Festivalscheduled for 1 and 2 June in Bologna (in the cast : The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Audioslave, Prodigy, Slipknot, and many others).

Imagine walking into the marquee and not hearing any music. However, you see a DJ and a band playing and a thousand people dancing. Welcome to Silence Disco. The revolutionary live music system premiered by Barley Arts at the Flippaut Festival. 1,000 digital stereo FM headphones supplied to the audience, each with individual volume and adjustable bass. Centre of radius and two frequency channels, which means the possibility of having two different performances at the same venue without any problems. Welcome to Flippaut Festival.