After returning in style with the album 'Not Your Kind of People', launched by the radio hit 'Blood for Poppies', the Garbage finally arrive on an Italian stage.
Tonight at '10 Days of Music' Shirley Manson and her band will be the absolute stars of the fourth evening of the Vigevano festival, after last night's Wolfmother literally rocked our 'Magic Castle'.
Tickets for the concert, opened by 2:54, are still available at the cash desk in Piazza Ducale, opposite the entrance to the Castle, from 17:00.
Doors open at 19:00.

This evening there will also be the Special Train, which can take you from Vigevano Station to Milano Porta Genova.
All the information you need to take advantage of this service, designed and created for you, at this link:

And we remind you what are the 5 good reasons not to miss the train:

  1. because if you arrive by train you save time and avoid rush-hour traffic. The train journey is only 20 minutes.
  2. because the music in Vigevano is no joke... and if you live it to the full you might even be tired by the end of the evening. And there's nothing better than relaxing without having to drive.
  3. because the beer in Vigevano is good and giving it up is a shame. Let the train driver drive.
  4. because it is ecological. And '10 Days Played' is attentive to nature in all its aspects.
  5. because the train is cheap and combats high petrol prices.