Barley Arts

in collaboration with Azalea



A memorable adventure

From 25 April to 31 July 2014 at the Udine Exhibition Centre


In a World where everything seems to be able to be controlled, where all our lives can be spied on through the development of technology, there exists, above our heads, a universe that for many of us is just a great mystery, an 'infinite unknown sky' that mankind has tried, over the years, to discover, know and tell.

Exploring space to give answers to some of humanity's biggest question marks that still today and with renewed daily occurrence arise in our existence: this is the fascination and the objective of 'Gateway To Space', an exhibition brought to Europe for the first time by Barley Arts, from 25 April to 31 July next, at Pavilion 6 of the Udine Fair.

"As Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, enchanting the whole world, the president of the United States spoke to him by radio and said, 'In this precious moment of glory, all mankind is truly united'."

This poetic statement is ultimately true: Apollo's achievement was, in fact, an extraordinary experience that deeply united the global community. All over the world, in every nation, people gathered to watch the event live on radio or TV, wherever they could, and became the largest audience ever assembled. People followed and listened in awe, witnessing a fundamental event in human history, a milestone that was the product of unprecedented technological progress.

Armstrong's epoch-making 'small step' was the crowning achievement of science dedicated to space exploration, as if a Buck Rogers' fantasy had come true. The new milestone captured the imagination of the world and became a symbol for the highest and best technological standards to achieve the 'impossible'.

The exploration of space contemplates superlative speeds and powers beyond individual comprehension and titanic constructions beyond any conventional experience. Ordinary people have therefore always seen this challenge as a distant and abstract endeavour, bordering on the mythical, a realm of wonders, a futuristic Camelot seemingly beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality, and this is also true for the European public.

The exhibition 'Gateway To Space' brings the instruments and technology of this great adventure to Europe for the first time. In addition to the wonder and drama aroused by the tale of these human endeavours, the exhibition presents an extraordinary collection of instruments and artefacts from the US Space & Rocket Centre NASA and the spacecraft that realised one of mankind's oldest dreams.

Together with a significant collection of instruments for space exploration and high technology, the exhibition also presents relics from the past and, even more importantly, highlights those human stories that give even more meaning to the instruments themselves. The immediacy of the encounter with these artefacts will create a rich and authentic experience that will take the European public on an exciting adventure.

GATEWAY TO SPACE, with its impressive collection of rockets and space memorabilia, provides a unique opportunity to learn about the multifaceted world of science and space exploration. Visitors will have the opportunity to get up close to space stations, original particles from the cosmos and other planets, pieces and models of satellites, clothing and accessories, and even meteorite particles. A noteworthy detail is that many pieces are on public display for the first time in the exhibition.


GATEWAY TO SPACE - The Exhibition

From 25 April to 31 July 2014 - Torreano di Martignacco (UD) , Fiera di Udine - Hall 6.

Hours: Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. - Last admission 6 p.m.

Special openings: 28 April to 1 May 2014 - 2 June 2014.


Full price: 13€ - Concessions and groups 7€ - Under 12 7€ - Families (4 pax) 7,50€

Open subscriptions 15€

Exhibition Subscription (info on 19€

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