GIANLUCA GRIGNANI, the special concert dedicated to La Fabbrica di Plastica changes day and moves to Fabrique in Milan





New date and new venue for the originally scheduled live show

on 15 October at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (MI)


A live performance strongly desired by the artist, a real concert,

in a location chosen especially for those who have supported it from the beginning

with affordable, no-frills tickets, where only the music does the talking


A BACK TO THE FUTURE for a record that changes the past

and back from 1996 more relevant than ever


"The Plastic Factory" by Gianluca Grignani (Polygram, 1996) represented a musical revolution that shocked the market, the public and the critics with a bold, rough and brash record and which today is considered by 3 generations to be a symbol of musical independencehaving uprooted the fence of artistic freedom, leaving it free to find its own identity.

Thus the anticipation grows to relive the atmospheres of this record which tended musically towards international sounds and addressed issues related to culture and society that continue to be relevant today. It will be held onl 16 October at Fabrique in MILAN "THE PLASTIC FACTORY AND ONLY THE BEST"The special concert, which the singer-songwriter dedicates to the album of the same name!

Produced by Barley Arts e Falco a Metà Srl, the concert is a unique opportunity to relive the atmosphere of one of the craziest and most undisciplined records, one of the best-loved in Italian rock, in the dimension of that time, that of the club, with the entire audience standing and locked in a single embrace with the electric singer-songwriter, in a location chosen especially for those who have supported him from the beginning.

On the setlist are all the tracks contained in 'The Plastic Factory"but of course there will also be the big hits that marked Gianluca Grignani's career

"I remember that when we finished recording the album more than 25 years ago, I listened to it at night in the darkness of the studio, where only the car lights were on, which was a beautiful sight to see. Considering the nature of the album, I was convinced in my heart that I would never do this work again. - recalls Gianluca Grignani - In the end, instinct prevailed. I was ready for the inevitable, but the people decided for me. This record is for the people, because after all it is about them and about me. And that is precisely why I would like to repeat this show in a different dimension, but one that is accessible in terms of price, and maintaining the intention of creating a real concert, without too many frills, in which it is only the music that speaks, which, compared to what I imagined, is much more like the people. It will be a 'Back to the Future' for a record that changes the past and comes back from 1996 more relevant than ever. Thank you, I owe you".

The concert event, initially scheduled to take place at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (MI) on 15 October (rescheduled for 29 January 2022), has been moved to the club dimension due to the artist's wishes, given the success of his tour this summer, which led to a further increase in his audience, which is increasingly intergenerational, and which saw him play to a standing audience, in an environment closer to the real nature of a concert full of energy.

Grignani also chose not to perform in a larger space for make the event more accessible in terms of ticket prices and, also in the light of the difficulties that characterise the current period, come to the aid of those who would like to participate in the event.

"Ticket prices can be lowered by realising live performances in seats that allow it and by opting for more dates to give everyone a chance to attend - declares Gianluca Grignani - I know that I am going against the 'fashion of the moment' in the area of live performances, but I have a new vision of concerts, which for me must first be accessible to my audience. And I hope to be an inspiration with this"..

"The Plastic Factory"With the passage of time, it has increasingly won the hearts of the public and met with critical much so that in 2013 the title track was crowned by a Rolling Stone Italy readers' poll as 'best Italian rock song ever".

Gianluca Grignani will receive for this album the Special MEI plaque on 1 October in Faenza (RA) at the annual edition of the MEI - Meeting of Independent Labels.

Tickets for the new location - Standing Room Only - are already available on the authorised platforms Ticketone, Ticketmaster and Vivaticket. The new tickets will not be nominal.

Those who choose not to attend the concert may request a full monetary refund of their ticket by filling out the appropriate form on the website of the ticketing circuit from which they made their purchase no later than 22 September 2022.

Tickets issued by the circuit Ticketmaster

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Starting from 23 September 2022 who purchased a ticket for the sectors of Poltronissima, Armchair, Ring A 1, Ring A 2, Tribuna Gold and Ring B Numbered and did not request a full refund will receive automatically on the payment method chosen at the time of purchase a refund equal to the difference in price between the originally purchased ticket and the Standing Room Only ticketthe new ticket will be sent to him exclusively in digital format on the e-mail registered on the ticketing system from which it made the purchase.

Ticket holders of Ring C Numbered who decide to do not request a full refundinstead, will not receive partial refundsas the cost of the coupon is equal to that of Standing Room Only tickets, and will be able to use their ticket to access the 16 October concert at Fabrique.

Who bought in points of sale may request full reimbursement by 22 September 2022 in the manner described above, or receive the partial reimbursement directly at the box office on the evening of the eventby presenting the original ticket, which will be replaced with one with the new price.

Radio Subasio is the official radio station for the concert.