GIANLUCA GRIGNANI: "La Fabbrica di Plastica and only the best", special concert at the Mediolanum Forum in January!

After the announcement of joining the family Barleywe are happy to give the good news long awaited by fans: on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The Plastic Factoryhis second album, Gianluca Grignani will be on stage at the Mediolanum Forum di Assago (MI) for a concert that promises to be a great celebration of Italian rock music, with a full performance of the album and all the great hits of the electric singer-songwriter. I tickets for the extraordinary show will be on sale from 10 am of tomorrow, Tuesday 8 June, on the circuits Ticketmaster, Ticketone e Vivaticket.

The Plastic Factory, released on 20 May 1996 on the Polygram label, was met with mixed reviews at the time of its release, confusing the market and the singer-songwriter's audience precisely because of the experimental and rock character of the work, which seemed to distance him from the stereotype of the typical Italian pop singer of his debut Destination Paradise.

Ernesto Assante described it on Republic as " an electric and sometimes harsh record, in which the veil of melody, which remains the heart of Grignani's songs, is often torn away by distorted guitars and 'psychedelic' arrangements, in which the lyrics often speak of love (Fanny), much more often they are personal, linked to the experiences of recent years (and this is the case of My worst enemy, Rok starbut also of The Toy Shop Window o + famous than Jesus)."

On Corriere della Sera Mario Luzzatto Fegiz, he wrote "[...] Here, however, he goes wild with rock sounds, the stuff of Timoria and Litfiba. Thus it turns out that the boy only expressed himself like this because of a shortage of means, but that his dream was in rock. He denies having changed, claims to have worked with greater freedom. What does Grignani propose? Let's say a journey in search of his own identity, but without an excessive dissociation from reality. A record that is in many ways surprising in its sound and content: it will certainly hold its own for the next few months."

Alexander Rose at The Press he wrote 'Guitars in profusion, nasty and aggressive guitars, arched and lancinating, dominate the electric, restless, disrespectful songs (+ famous than Jesus) aimed at painting a personal vision of life's contradictions, the rejection and escape of the artificial world, and the danger of homologation. A nervous record, with a melodic soul but dressed in powerful, dark riffs. But in the end complete and uniformly beautiful."

In 2013 the title track The Plastic Factory is crowned by a poll of the readers of Rolling Stone as "best Italian rock song ever".

"Thank you all for these years... But this is only the beginning!" - Gianluca Grignani

Radio Subasio is the official radio station for the concert.



The Plastic Factory and only the best


Saturday 29 January 2022

Assago (MI), Mediolanum Forum - via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 6

Concerts start at 21:00



Poltronissima: € 60,00 + prev.

Armchair: € 50.00 + prev.

Ring A 1 Sector: € 60.00 + prev.

Ring A 2 Sector: € 50.00 + prev.

Gold Stand: € 40.00 + prev.

Numbered Ring B: € 35.00 + prev.

Numbered Ring C: € 30.00 + prev.


Tickets available at Ticketmaster, Ticketone e Vivaticket. Be wary of unofficial sales channels!