GIÒ SADA & BARISMOOTHSQUAD on tour next summer

Giò Sada & BariSmoothSquad return live for a summer full of surprises. Here are the confirmed stages:


Sun 3 June - Bari, The Culture of Life

Sat 9 June - Vigarano Mainarda (FE), St. Anthony's Fair

Sun 17 June - Gualdo Cattaneo (PG), Umbria Beer Fest c/o Mastri Birrai Umbri Brewery

Fri 29 June - Fontanelice (BO), Fiume DiVino

Sat 7 July - Farindola (PE), Youth Festival

Sun 8 July - Casale sul Sile (TV), Subconscio Festival


Musician, songwriter, composer and actor, Giò Sada's artistic personality is multifaceted and the result of a family background of contamination between the arts, which led him from the outset to expand his artistic potential in different directions. Musically, he trained in the independent hardcore punk underground scene, travelling the length and breadth of Italy and Europe with the Waiting For Better and with the BariSmoothSquad.

In 2015, he participated in X-Factor Italywinning with his first single Regretting you (written by Giosada himself with the intervention of Pacifico), which became gold disc in six weeks. In spite of the completely anomalous context compared to his background, Giò Sada hardcore does not soften up in order to build a character more palatable to the general public, but becomes the means by which an entire underground scene breaks into the mainstream, ideally taking the public with him on damp rehearsal rooms and uncomfortable van tours around Europe.

Giò Sada is a curious and proactive musician, who is not afraid to get involved and contaminate himself in search of new artistic stimuli; moreover, he has a different awareness of himself and his music, given by the contact and support of the general public. This is demonstrated by "Nowhere Stage"the format launched by Giò and his band on Vevo that sees them go in search of unprecedented locationsand urban areas, abandoned and disused places or places not normally open to the public to set up small livealso acoustic, with special guests.