Big news in sight for Giò Sada who, after a tour full of dates in Italy and the coast-to-coast in the USA with the Jack On Tour, is ready for a new overseas adventure. The Apulian singer-songwriter's artistic journey continues with an important participation in the South by SouthWest (SXSW) of Austin, Texas, the biggest international festival dedicated to music and cinema. Giò Sada, together with his faithful band, the BariSmoothSquad, will perform Saturday 18 March on the '18th Floor' in the Hilton Garden Inn e Wednesday 15 March to the "Number 28"in an unprecedented acoustic showcase thanks to the partnership with the regional Puglia Sounds.

Giò Sada & BariSmoothSquad have just completed an eight-date tour of Italy to present their new album Flying in the opposite directionunique record project that sees the light nine months after Giò's victory at X Factor 2015. The album, with the two singles 'Flying backwards' e 'Desert', in radio rotation, best represents the sound world of Giò Sada and the rock verve that characterises it.

Musician, songwriter, composer and actor, Giò Sada's artistic personality is multifaceted and the result of a family background of contamination between the arts, which led him from the outset to expand his artistic potential in different directions. Musically, he trained in the independent hardcore punk underground scene, travelling the length and breadth of Italy and Europe with the Waiting For Better Days and with the BariSmoothSquad.

In 2015, he participated in X-Factor Italywinning with his first single Regretting you, become gold disc in six weeks. In spite of the completely anomalous context compared to his background, Giò Sada hardcore does not soften up in order to build a character more palatable to the general public, but becomes the means by which an entire underground scene breaks into the mainstream, ideally taking the public with him on damp rehearsal rooms and uncomfortable van tours around Europe.