Four million albums sold worldwide may not be enough to explain the scale of the phenomenon Gregorian, the German music group, led by producer Frank Petersonwhich, using Gregorian chant, reinterprets the most famous pop, rock and metal songs. I Gregorian have given birth to a veritable genre of music that has over the years attracted a huge number of pop music lovers, ambient music lovers, unrepentant rockers and electronic freaks. All these can listen to the Gregorian, for the first time in Italy live on Thursday 22 December at the Milan Conservatory, in their 'Christmas Chant Tour', an extraordinary 'Gregorian' reinterpretation of musical hits from all genresranging from classics such as the''Hail Mary" by Schubert or traditional ones such as "Silent Night" to U2's rock anthem "Pride", passing through "Peace On Earth - Little Drummer Boy" by the Bing Crosby-David Bowie duo, "Streets Of Philadelphia" by Springsteen and even "Wake Me Up When September Ends"by Green Day.

What also makes the Gregorians special is that in their case it is not pure Gregorian chant, as their arrangements include both singing and instrumental accompaniment.

Artistically born in 1991 when they released the album 'Sadisfaction"decidedly more pop-oriented in the wake of Enigma's success, the Gregorians soon turned towards the style of Gregorian chants but with the accompaniment of musical or electronic instruments.

The members of the group are Richard Naxton (Naxos), Johnny Clucas (Johnny), Dan Hoadley (Dan), Chris Tickner (Chris T.), Richard Collier (Rich), Gerry O'Beime (Gerry), Gunther Laudahn, Lawrence White (Lorro), Jan-Eric Kohrs e Rob Fardell (Rob F.).

Other contributors to the Gregorian vocal or sound parts are Sarah Brightman (under the pseudonym Hepsibah), Frank Peterson and Amelia Brightman.

GREGORIAN - 'The Christmas Chant Tour'


Thursday, 22 December - Milan Conservatory, Sala Verdi at 21.00

Tickets: Poltronissima€ 45.00 + prev Armchair € 35.00 + prev Sector E € 30.00 + prev

Tickets are on sale from Tuesday 29 November in the Ticketone circuit and later in the usual circuits and sales outlets.

Milan, 29 November 2011