I GARBAGE tornano in ITALIA con un concerto sul LAGO DI GARDA

Tra le band più apprezzate della scena alternative rock internazionale, grazie al loro sound ed al carisma della frontwoman Shirley Manson, i Garbage tornano nel nostro paese quest’estate: appuntamento Tuesday 9 July for the concert series Tener-a-mind at l’Anfiteatro del Vittoriale by Gardone Riviera (BS). Tickets will be available from dalle ore 10 di lunedì 11 marzo sul sito ufficiale dell’Vittoriale Amphitheatre.

Garbage are Shirley Manson (vocals and guitar), Duke Erikson (bass and keyboards), Steve Marker (guitar) and Butch Vig (drums and percussion). They formed 25 years ago in Wisconsin and have since released six studio albums, sold over 17 million physical copies and toured the world in over 35 countries. Their self-titled debut album established them as one of the bands of the moment. post grunge and thealternative rock among the most sought-after and popular; in a very short time their unique sound combined with a provocative and visionary aesthetic They attracted the attention of media and fans from all over the world. In 1998 their second work Version 2.0 (Almo Sounds) the world classics and earned a nomination for the Grammy Awards in the category Album of the Year.

The band's last two records come after a few years' break, Not Your Kind of People (2012) e Strange Little Birds (2016), both released on the record label Stunvolume and welcomed at that time as "a real alternative to all the rock around".word of Rolling Stone USA. In 2017 the Garbage publish the acclaimed book This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awakeshortly before embarking on a long American co-headlining tour with the Blondie. In this 2019 the band is busy writing and recording the seventh album, di cui ancora non sono stati resi noti titolo e data di pubblicazione. Resta la grande attesa di vederli ancora una volta nel nostro paese, in un concerto che proporrà hits del passato e magari i nuovi brani ora in cantiere.



Tuesday 9 July 2019

Gardone Riviera (BS), Tener-a-mente c/o Amphitheatre of the Vittoriale - Via Vittoriale, 12


- Poltronissima: € 40,00 + prev.
- Stalls: € 35,00 + prev.
- Side stalls: € 30,00 + prev.
- Central tier: € 30.00 + prev.
- Unnumbered bleachers: € 25,00 + prev.