IL MURO DEL CANTO reschedules the NAPLES date in a NEW LOCATION

The tour de The Singing Wall, started last November after the release of the album My love does not die, released on 19 October by Goodfellas. The Neapolitan date with the band, announced last year and then postponed until a later date, has finally been confirmed and will take place in a new location Saturday 2 March 2019at the Occupied Mezzocannone. With them on stage will be one special guest, Dario Sansone, lead singer of Foja.

Here is the updated list with all the dates with the band.

02.02 SULMONA (AQ), Soul Kitchen (admission with compulsory consumption)
14.02 ROME, Mercato Coperto di Garbatella (free entrance)
02.03 NAPLES, Occupied Mezzocannone- NEW LOCATION
05.04 MAGENTA (MI), New! Ideal (admission with contribution - cash only)
06.04 TURIN, CSOA Gabrio
07.04 PARMA, Splinter Club
01.06 BOLOGNA, A Skeggia (free admission)

The group Roman folk rock, with its rough and intense sound, combining modernity and tradition in an authentic, timeless folk voice, is back with its fourth studio album. Il Muro del Canto offers an album that maintains its distinctive traits and, at the same time, introduces several new rhythmic and harmonic solutions. The search for a direct and real language continues, in which the strength of the Capitoline dialect, which has always nourished the band's strong roots, emerges clearly from the title in a passionate and stubborn declaration of intent.

My love does not dierepresents the intimate and personal resistance that does not give way to modern qualunquism and cynicism. The strength of love resists against division, the will for a social awakening resists against the great expanding void. The theme of time passing inexorably and taking youth and affection with it recurs frequently in the album. It is an album that openly takes the side of the last, of those who have no voice, strength or power to improve their conditions. A reflection full of memories and recollections of the 20th century.

The warm, deep voice and passionate lyrics are by Daniele Coccia Paifelman. The drums, percussion and narration are by Alessandro Pieravanti who is also the performer and author of two songs on this disc; the acoustic guitar is that with the solid and distinctive rhythms of Eric Caldironi; on the bass the fantasy of Ludovico Lamarraaccordion gives voice to the timeless melodies of Alessandro Marinelliwho also sits behind the piano on this disc. An irreplaceable guest of the Roman sextet, Andrea Ruggieroon the violin. On the trumpet and trombone we find Davide di Pasquale.

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Saturday 2 March

Naples, Mezzocannone Occupato - Via Mezzocannone, 14

Special guest Dario Sansone (Foja)

Tickets available at the box office on the evening of the concert:

Standing room only: € 5.00